Best Roaster Oven Reviews [Latest 2023 Edition]

Are you getting away with your slow, under-performed conventional oven? Are you a cooking fan and love to tickle the taste buds of your dear ones with succulent roasts? In both cases, the best roaster oven is the solution.

This is because,

Electric ovens offer versatility to your cooking, ranging from baking cookies to a whole turkey dinner. They are energy-efficient and save you time in the kitchen. Quite simply, electric roaster ovens are seen as the ideal replacement for traditional ones.

But when you want to pick the right electric oven, it takes some knowledge about their features, benefits, and limitations, which could be time-consuming. So, our team of experts took the chance and went through rigorous testing to compile a list of the Best roaster ovens to narrow down your search.

These are only the top products that will ease your cooking experience by miles and give you a test of the perfect roast. And, we are going to share our reviews on them today with other information you might be interested in.

best roaster oven

Best Roaster Oven Comparison Chart

SLProduct NameSizeRating
1Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven22 Quart4.7
2Oster Roaster Oven With Self Basting Lid18 Quart  4.5
3Oster Smoker Roaster Oven16 Quart4.4
4NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven18 Quart4.5
5Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven18 Quart4.4
6Rival RO161-B Roaster Oven16 Quart4.5
7NESCO 4818 Roaster Oven Anniversary Edition18 Quart4
8Sunvivi Roaster Oven18 Quart4.2
9Weston 03-4000 W Roaster Oven22 Quart4.4

Regular Oven vs Roaster Oven: What Are The Differences?

When one cannot replace the other, an electric roaster oven comes with a few advantages over the standard oven that can make the cooking experience a lot easier.

Cooking Process

Unlike an electric roaster oven, the box of heat is not distributed evenly around your food that remains stationary in a conventional oven. The electric oven is the best alternative to a standard oven for a better cooking experience.

Cooking Time

Due to their closed small structure, electric roaster ovens require less power to preheat and cook faster than conventional ovens. Usually, a Roaster oven saves 30% of cooking time.

Energy Consumption

An electric roaster oven is smaller and circulates heat inside better, thereby cooking is faster and requires less energy.

Moister Cooking

Conventional ovens couldn’t hold the steam for longer on a large cooking surface. Conversely, the bottom heating element in a smaller roaster traps the moisture well and prevents your food from drying out.


A roaster oven is lighter and more convenient in size. So you can pack one to your camping ground or slide it into a storage drawer with ease.


Unlike a regular oven, the rack of a roaster oven can’t prevent dough-based foods from dropping off. This limits their cooking ability in terms of soft unformed foods. A roaster oven also provides you with extra cooking space.

How To Choose The Best Roaster Oven: Buying Guide

Choosing the best out of the ordinary is easier when you know what to look for to get your money’s worth.


Among other models, a roaster oven that comes with high-quality stainless steel construction is the most durable option. Also, you should go after roasting pans that are high-quality stainless steel finish to play a big part in spreading even heat and allowing consistent roasting.


You should determine your intended use before you buy a stainless steel roaster oven. You will be happy with a 22-quart roaster oven when you own a big family or often host parties at your home. But in the opposite case, you are good with a smaller oven size (18/16 quart).

Temperature Control

To add versatility to your kitchen, go for a toaster oven that has a full-range variable temperature controlling system, from a maximum of 450F to a minimum of 200F.


One common problem with large countertop roaster ovens is that they often end up with a lot of oil and meat drippings making cleaning and maintenance a hassle. It can impair the longevity of the product. You can avoid such situations by choosing a roaster oven equipped with easy cleanup removable features.


Lid size is considered an important factor to buy the best roaster oven. You should be mindful of this domed part of a roaster oven to see whether it is large enough to accommodate bigger meats. Also, check the seal and ensure that it is tight to stop steam to escape for heating efficiency. 


For the best roaster oven, performance doesn’t always move with the price. You will find a $70 roaster oven capable of delivering well-roasted, steamed, and poached dishes for you. So, don’t pay extra dollars just to buy expensive features such as a convection oven or air fryer when you don’t need them.

Reviews Of 9 Best Roaster Ovens

1. Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven Review [22 Quart]

Hamilton always delivers thoughtfully classic-designed cooking appliances to make kitchen time easier. And, this stunning Hamilton beach roaster oven is no different.

Hamilton is a perfect choice for excellent performance, perfect temperature with a wide temperature range, automatic temperature control, excellent heat distribution, heat retention, durable material, and accurate size/capacity for your kitchen counter.


You can double your cooking space with this big turkey roaster oven when cooking large-capacity meals. Although it comes with a 22-quart size, the capacity is 25 quarts in practice, which can easily handle a large capacity of 28 lb turkey to perfection. Additionally, it accommodates one 9″x13″ baking pan and two 9″x5″ loaf pans.

Construction Material

The high-quality stainless steel cookwell is very durable when the interior pan is enamel on steel, which works great to retain the flavor and integrity of your foods.

Self-Basting Domed Lid

The domed lid increases the cooking space allowing you to cook overly stuffed 28 lb turkey without any issue. The self-basting lid is tight to trap the moisture inside. It also assists in circulating air around cookwell, leading to quicker, evenly cooked tender meats.

Easy Lift Out Handles

The cooking rack is big and removable with easy lift-out handles. So, it is easy to serve cooked meat on the platter without burning your fingers.

Temperature Control

You can alternate the temperature control knob to a wide range between 150F to 450F. This lets you enjoy the convenience of a traditional oven with this roaster.

Versatile Cooker

The roaster is perfect for cooking. Roasting, frying, steaming, slow cooks, warming up the dishes without burning them.

  • Durable Construction

  • Heats up fast

  • Easier to store square classic design

  • Detailed user manual included with recipes

  • Versatile, affordable oven

  • The exterior could get hot

2. Oster Roaster Oven With Self Basting Lid Review [22 Quart]

This versatile 22-quart roaster kitchen appliance from Oster’s is compact, and its powerful energy-saving attributes give the product an edge over other models.


Because of its 22 quarts large size and high domed lid, the cooking space got bigger that can roast a whole turkey weighing up to 26 lbs with ease. So, if you have a holiday party coming up, then the capacity of this roasting oven has everything for delicious meal preparation.

Self Basting Lid

The self-basting feature is extraordinary as it will preserve the moisture and tenderness of your foods to a rare extent. It also helps to equal heat distribution around the dishes, which is tested to prove overall efficiency. The outcome is evenly cooked dishes with a 30% reduction in time and 36% savings in energy.

Versatile Use

With its adjustable temperature dial, this multiuse roaster oven allows you to slow cooking, and bake a range of dishes aside from roasting. Moreover, you have the option to simmer a tasty gravy without any hassle.

Removable Roasting Pan

You will love its removable roasting steel pan with easy-to-reach handles. So, once your turkey is roasted you can serve it directly without an extra plate. The roasting pan is enamel on steel, which makes cleaning effortless.       

Temperature Control

You can set the cooking temperature ranging from 150F to 450F, giving you the freedom to adjust for specific recipes. With its convenient ‘Keep Warm’ setting, you can also retain the food to an ideal serving temperature.

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable Stainless steel construction

  • Locks the taste of the food longer

  • Quite heavy

  • The outer surface can get heated at a higher temperature

3. Oster Smoker Roaster Oven Review [16 Quart]

This is an all-in-one flexible kitchen appliance designed to fit outdoor roasting at the same time. And that’s why we regard this as one of the best electric roaster ovens available to date.


This mini 16-quart smoker roaster oven can host a whole 20 lb turkey, making it suitable for a small holiday party or family gathering.

Heat Distribution                  

Its self-basting lid makes cooking faster while keeping the desired moister locked in the appliance. It also reduces energy consumption by 36%.

Flexible Use

What we liked most is the versatility it brings to your cooking practice. Apart from its ability to meet indoor roasting and baking needs, the oven can replace your conventional smoker for an ideal family outing with flavorful dishes.

Removable Pocket For Wood Chips

This model comes with a removable pocket to hold wood chips to bring authentic smokey flavor to your foods.

Removable Cooking Pan

The enamel-coated cooking pan is removable with its cool-to-touch handles making the clean-up fast and easy.

Temperature Control

You can adjust the temperature knob to a wide range of settings (150F to 450F), allowing you to prepare different styles of cooking at their appropriate temperature.

  • Multiuse affordable smoker roaster oven

  • Able to keep meats extra moist

  • Simplest smoker to operate

  • Easy to store

  • Easy to clean

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Short electric cord

  • Not suitable for indoor smoking

4. NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven Review [18 Quart]  

This durable roaster oven does have a lot of benefits from its versatile features allowing you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. MWR18 can be used as a main or secondary oven according to your need.


It’s a fairly sized 18-quart roaster that doesn’t take up too much storage space. Yet it contains a whole 22 lbs turkey to tackle a Thanksgiving party quite well.

Removable Elements

The removable steel rack has convenient handles for you to take your turkey apart from the roaster safely. Additionally, you have an interior cookwell that can be pulled out of the heated exterior to clean and then store in the fridge.

Temperature Control

While you cannot drop the temperature to 150F, the 200f to 450F range is very convenient to allow for the versatility of a standard countertop oven.

Heating and Insulation

Like other NESCO’s roasters, this product also features the ‘Circle of heat’ for fast, efficient meat roasting and baking. This, coupled with a thick enamel insulator, helps keep food warm after cooking for a longer period.

Scope For Cooking

This is yet another roaster oven that allows you to roast, bake, steam vegetables, poach fish, and many more.

Warning Light

This roaster oven has a warning light on the front that will turn on when the roaster gets heated. This is a cool feature that could save your child from some potential burns.

  • Keep cooked food warm for longer

  • Easy of touch safety handles

  • Easy to clean

  • Warns burning hazard

  • Enamel exterior absorbs and escapes heat quicker

5. Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven Review [18 Quart]

If you are looking for a portable oven and versatile oval roaster oven that cooks half the time, then Proctor Silex Roaster Oven has it all. It’s bigger than the average roaster oven available in the market.


With this large 18-quart oval roaster oven, you can cook a 24 lb turkey, which is perfect for a social gathering or family dinner. Moreover, you can fit one 9″x13″ inch steel pan, and two 9″x5″ loaf pans inside the oven.

Construction Material

The cookwell is made from durable solid steel, yet a lightweight, handy roaster that you can travel with. The inside pan is enamel on a high-quality steel coating that will last for years. The glossy white design outer finish will match any kitchen theme excellently.

Versatile Cooking

This is another countertop roaster that will satisfy all your need to steam vegetables, bake your favorite desserts, and casseroles, or cook stews and side dishes like in a regular oven.

Removable Pan

The roasting pan is removable, which gives an easy solution for cleanup.

Domed Lid

The perfectly raised domed lid helps maximize the cooking space allowing you to prepare large chunks of meat. However, pay attention to the enameled aluminum lid as it might not always seal properly.

Faster Cooking

You will love the fact that this roaster will cook a 14 to 18 lb unstuffed turkey in less than two and a half hours making it the fastest cooker on our list.

Temperature Setting

This roasting oven has a wide range of temperature settings between 150F to 450F which increases its functionality.

  • Glossy white finish is attractive

  • Lightweight but durable

  • Cooks incredibly fast

  • Versatile, affordable oven

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Roasting steel rack has to be purchased separately

6. Rival RO161-B Roaster Oven Review [16 Quart]

If you want to serve a delicious feast with a tight-skinned roast in record time and with less hassle, then this rival 16-quart roaster oven is a great contender.


It is a fairly large roaster oven with a 16-quart capacity that can accommodate a 20 lbs turkey to host a dinner party. You can also fit a 9″x13″ baking sheet inside the cookwell.

Versatile Use

Although it is best optimized for roasting, it’s a no-fuss cooking device. That means it can cook side dishes, stews, bake cookies, desserts, or warm precooked meals other than roasting. Also, you can simmer a delicious gravy straight in the roaster pan without much trouble. This all makes it a handy second oven on busy cooking days.

Heat Optimized Material

This roaster’s cookwell is an enamel-coated stainless steel structure. The exterior coating serves as a shield to prevent the steel part from reacting with the food. That’s why you can safely serve your meals directly on the table. This oven also features a lightweight, easy-to-handle stainless steel shell. It helps lock the heat within the cookwell for perfectly tendered meats.

Removable Features

It has easy to clean dishwasher-safe removable pan and stainless steel roasting rack. The rack keeps the meat from sticking to the cookwell preventing it from burning on its surface.

Temperature Setting

It comes with a variable temperature control setting that can be adjusted between 150F to 450F, allowing you to prepare a wide variety of meals while maintaining an ideal serving temperature.

  • Easy to clean

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Deep sizable cookwell

  • Locks the heat for well

  • Strong properly sealed lid

  • Saves 77% energy as opposed to a traditional oven.

  • One-year warranty

  • Cookwell is little heavy

  • flimsy handle

  • Shell might get heated

7. NESCO 4818 Roaster Oven Anniversary Edition Review [18 Quart]

This UNESCO 18 qt. a nonstick roaster oven is a brilliant cooking appliance with versatile features, which can improve the quality of your cuisine.


The 18-quart roaster oven gives you the space to fit a whole 22 lb turkey and host a large crowd at your home, porch, or cabin.

Heating Construction

Unlike traditional roster, this product features a ‘Circle Of Heat’ technology that heats the foods from the side in cookwell, instead of the bottom. This unique feature ensures even cooking not just at the bottom but on both sides.

Versatile Cooking

Everything that you imagine from cooking hot dishes, steaming vegetables, and roasting a whole turkey, or ham, bake cookies, cakes, or pies is possible with this versatile cooking appliance.

Temperature Setting

You can choose temperature ranges from 200F to 450F by using its thermostat, allowing you to roast, slow cook, bake, and steam which is pretty straightforward.

Removable Components

The nesco roaster parts include a single chrome steel wire rack that fits inside the cooking well. The convenient handles make it easy to lift out foods when the cooking is done. Apart from this, they are easy to clean and simple to store.

Domed Lid

It features a high domed lid to fit in extra large turkey.

  • Portable lightweight construction

  • Retain moisture perfectly

  • Fancy attractive design

  • Durable

  • Cookwell could be hard to clean

  • Few users claimed that the price is higher for the grad of materials it used

8. Sunvivi Roaster Oven Review [18 Quart]

We can’t go past this model by Sunvivi because of its incredibly powerful and multi-functional features that get the job done for you.

Versatile Use

This is yet another roaster oven that you can expect to roast, bake, slow cook, and keep your food warm without much trouble.


This Sunvivi 18-quart roaster oven won’t take too much space, but you can easily roast a 22 lb large turkey to satisfy most gatherings.

Temperature Range

Depending on your recipes, you can use it thermostat at different temperature ranges, particularly from 200F to 450F. This oven is ideal for high-temperature cooking capacity requirements.

Self Basting Lid

With this comes a self-basting lid, so you will cook a tender and juicy roast without having to worry about it going dry. It is possible because the self-basting lid continually circulates and retains moisture within the cookwell. The cool-to-touch handle brings safety against potential burns and lets you safely check your cooking with ease.

Warm Setting  

One of the things that we love most about this roaster is the convenience of its warm setting. Once you switch the warm setting, it will keep your dishes stay heated until your guests arrive.

Removable Pot & Anti Scald Handles

You can easily transport your roast to the serving table with its removable insert port. It also features an anti-scald handle that keeps the outside stay cool, thus preventing unnecessary burns.

  • Easy to clean

  • Cool to touch handle

  • Versatile roaster oven

  • A few users argue that the handle on the removable rack don’t grip well

9. Weston 03-4100 W Roaster Oven Review [22 Quart]

You can maximize your cooking space with this Weston 22 Quart Roaster Oven that doesn’t take up too much room in the kitchen. It gives you beautifully cooked golden-crusted roast taking less time than you might expect.


This is a large 22-quart roaster that comfortably fits in a 26 lb turkey to host a perfect weekend night dinner or a holiday get-together with friends.

Temperature Setting

You can cook your food flawlessly with its full range of temperature options starting from 150F to go up by 450F. That’s why it can be a perfect surrogate for conventional ovens that makes roasting and baking effortless. The good news is it can keep your food warm until you serve it due to its effective thermal-optimized design

Removable Parts

It features an easy lift-out rack and removable roasting pan to make serving simple and safe.

Domed Lid

The domed lid adds extra volume to the cookwell to fit in a taller turkey.  The lid seals trap heat inside for a delicious, moist dish.

Versatile Use

This is a multi-purpose oven, the use of which is not just limited to roasting birds.  You can use the oven for cooking a large batch of chili or baking your famous pie with the versatility it offers.

  • Easy to clean

  • Heavy-duty roaster

  • Keep food warm for longer

  • Delicate lid

  • The outer surface might get heated

How To Use A Roaster Oven?

  • First, wash the roaster oven to get rid of any unwanted aroma to affect your food.
  • Then plug in a power source and set the required temperature (check the user manual) to preheat.
  • Season your recipes on the roasting rack, placing it on top of the roasting pan. Set it inside the roaster when ready.
  • Cover the lid and don’t remove it until the roasting is done properly. It will trap the moisture inside throughout the cooking process.  

Tips For The Best Use Of Roaster Oven

If you want a delicious roasted turkey or chicken, pay attention to the essential tips mentioned below:

  • You should always allow your frozen meat to sit for at least an hour to help it to reach room temperature before roasting.
  • Do not place your spiced meat directly on the bottom pan. Instead, shelve it on the raised roasting rack and avoid fat drippings.
  • You can create a thin layer of vegetables on the bottom part of the rack or pan to reduce humidity in their casing. This way you add more flavors to the meat as well.
  • Don’t start eating your dish immediately as you take it off the oven. Allow the fats and juices to come off to make them appetizing.

Maintenance Tips For A Roaster Oven

The lifespan of your roaster oven will be distorted regardless of the quality it comes with unless you take proper care of it.

  • You must clean the oven after every use. Otherwise, you are likely to experience damage from oil and greasy build-ups on oven surfaces. 
  • You should clean the roasting rack and the pan in warm water with mild dishwasher soap to get rid of gunk and fat debris.
  • However, you should never soak the enter oven in water to avoid disaster. Instead, use a damp cloth and slowly clean the interior surface with mild soap. Don’t use soap with a strong scent that weakens your oven’s natural aroma.  

FAQs On Roaster Oven

Do I Need to Put Water at the Bottom of My Pan when Roasting?

No, you should not add water to the pan. It could stew your food instead of roasting it. However, if you notice your roast is drying up, you can add a little wine, broth, or juice for half an hour before you finally pull the roast out of the oven.

Is It Faster to Cook A Turkey In A Roaster Oven?

Best roaster ovens feature efficient heating elements that can save up to 30 minutes in cooking time compared to regular ovens. Typically a 20-pound turkey roasted at 350F to 450F could take around 3 to 3.1/2 hours to cook.

What Else Can You Make In A Roaster Oven Besides Turkey?

Roaster Oven is an excellent substitute for the conventional one. Therefore, you can roast, bake, slow cook, warm dishes, etc. in a single roaster.

Final Verdict

To help you pick your go-to roaster oven, we spent a handful of hours testing and analyzing various models to find the best roaster oven that we have reviewed above. If you are still undecided, we suggest Oster 16-quart Smoker Roaster Oven because it is packed with all the features for the money you invested. For a mid-range option, we will incline to Rival’s 18-Quart Roaster Oven, which offers reliable performance at an affordable price. Now try one of these and feel the delight in every bite!