Best NuWave Oven Reviews: 3 Systems Work together to Cook 1 Dish

Does the title startle you a bit? It did to me when I first brought the NuWave Pro Plus home. However, the startling turned into excitement with each Oven’s use and inspired me to write NuWave Oven reviews.

Yes, the Oven is not like any conventional oven. And the function depends on a lot of uncertainty. However, it’s easy operation, healthy outcome, and eco-friendly techniques will make you love the tool.

Before you make the final decision, let me introduce you to the Oven of combo cooking power. I am sure you will find the review helpful.

NuWave Oven Reviews: How Does the Oven Really Work?

Yes, it’s really work and there are thousands of thousands users who love to cook with it. It Uses 3 System to Cook: Infrared, Convection, and Conduction

Any conventional oven uses only one system to cook. But this is an exceptional piece of machinery that uses a triple-combo cooking system at a time to do a great job of cooking.


This invisible spectrum of light is the primary source of heat of this conventional Oven. Like the way sunlight heats almost every object on the earth’s surface, the infrared also heats up the food and cooking.

Infrared can penetrate through the food and cook the interior. Simultaneously, infrared can do the browning of the surface. Thus, you can get perfect cooking both inside and outside.

Heat Convection

Convection is the critical process of almost every conventional cooking process that involves an oven. However, this is not the primary method of cooking for the NuWave Pro Plus oven.

The Oven uses a quiet motor and fan that circulates the air around the dome and does the heat convection. One of the best things about proper convection is that it ensures even cooking.

The fan and motor assembly help the air fryer features inside this multitasking oven. So you can also use it as an air fryer for healthy cooking.

Heat Conduction

If you put food in direct contact with any heat source, the cooking will be done by conduction. This is similar to pan-frying.

Each model of NuWave, like NuWave Bravo XI, NuWave Mini, NuWave Elite, or the NuWave Pro Plus, comes with an additional girl. Cooking on those grills brings the food in direct contact to heat and conducts a conduction cooking.

When this triple-combo is combined in one Oven, it brings the best out of the food.

Oven Dimension is Spacious for Cooking

The outer dimension of the NuWave Pro Plus Oven is 15½-inches wide and 12¾-inches tall. You can sense the size is quite big to accommodate up to 10-lbs turkey for perfect cooking.

The dimension offers enough space for heat convection around the cooking items. As a result, the items are well cooked within the shortest possible time. In the meantime, the Oven also uses less energy due to the heat efficiency.

The Oven uses high Temperature

Using infrared gives this Countertop Convection Technology Integrated Oven an extra edge. This invisible ray can raise the temperature from 100 to 350-degree Fahrenheit in the quickest time.

The temperature is enough to cook poultry, air fry potato wedges, or bake lasagna. Moreover, you can steam or cook vegetables in it. All you need is to sprinkle some olive oil or other cooking agents for a better outcome.

The Oven can Multitask

An oven is a perfect tool for Roasting, Broiling, Steaming, and Air Frying. Yes, you can do some Baking or Grilling; however, the result won’t satisfy either your pellets or your eyes.

You can make any pot roast, cook poultry, or fish. Keep the heat between medium to medium/high for perfect cooking. If you want to avoid any burnout, keep the food away from the heat source.

Browning or Broiling the surface is an art if you know how to do it. The NuWave infrared Oven is highly capable of doing it. All you have to do is to keep the food close to the heat source and hike the temperature to the fullest. Make sure to keep an eye on the food.

Steaming in NuWave Countertop ovens is much easier than any conventional cooking appliances. The water forms the steam that does the cooking without creating any extra heat. As a result, you get soft and juicy food with all the moisture in it.

Baking is not the cup of tea for this NuWave cook appliance. Firstly, the cakes or dough won’t rise that much due to the heat limitation. Secondly, the items need to be flipped that may ruin the entire structure of the baked items. However, you can try shortcakes in it. At least I got great results from the NuWave Convectional Toaster Ovens. 

The last thing I will try in this Oven is the grilling. As the Oven does not generate any flame, so all you will get is actually broiled or roasted meat. Nevertheless, a hint of good BBQ sauce can make some differences.

Great Things about NuWave Convection Ovens

  • The NuWave cooking ovens are fast. They do not require any preheating. Thus, you can cook foods directly from frozen to completely cooked.
  • The time required for cooking is shorter than any regular oven as you don’t have to preheat or defrost, so it takes less time than anything.
  • Rather than relying on one system, the Oven uses three. So the food cooks perfectly and evenly. No wonder you will find meat or fish cooked in NuWave ovens are juicier and tastier.
  • Infrared penetrates the food and melts the bad fat from any meat. The fat dripped on a pan underneath and escaped from clogging on to our blood vessels or abdomen.
  • No preheating or defrosting means you use less energy for cooking. It saves both time and energy.

Things That Are Not So Great about NuWave Ovens

  • The plastic dome is not that compatible with the triple combo cooking method. It cracked or got cloudy after a while. So, you may have to replace it after a couple of years.
  • Paint layer on the heating element chip off with a heavy wash.
  • The fan unit may whistle a bit if not properly cleaned after each use.
  • Actual cooking times vary in the NuWave ovens from the times mentioned in the instruction.

    So it will not be a good idea to follow the instruction manual blindly. A little trial and error may come in handy.

What Can the NuWave Oven Cook?

As a multi-tasking oven, NuWave can handle almost anything. However, not all of the outcomes will be equally great.


NuWave ovens can roast, steam, and broil meat with efficiency. If you want to make a pot pie or any item with poultry, this Oven will be a perfect pick for you.

Dealing with red meat can be a little tricky as the cooking time in the instruction may vary from the actual one. However, if you can figure out the required time, the dishes will be delicious.

Keep the meat close to the heat source with the highest temperature settings for broiling. And do the opposite for slow roasting and tender meat.


Cooking fish is a delicacy with every cooking appliance. So you have to be a little extra cautious while putting it inside the NuWave Convection Roasting Oven.

I prefer low-temperature roasting or steaming over broiling. The latter can dry up the soft and moist meat quickly.


I like steaming and roasting vegetables in these new generation countertop ovens. They are not only quick but easy to operate for soft and steaming veggies.


You can use this new wave oven as an air fryer for fries as almost all of us are trying to avoid oil dripping snacks, so the air fried healthy versions are encroaching the market. Oil dripped down the bottom of these ovens.

For perfect frying, coat the fries with olive oil. It will make them more crisp and moist. 


The smaller dough of the shortcakes is perfect for the heat rating of the NuWave Infrared oven. They can be baked pretty weakly and quick in it. However, you have to put the dough on the liner pan with an oil coating.

After the quick baking, you can serve them in any way you like. I prefer putting whipped cream or berries between the two slices.


NuWave can make perfect lasagna. The temperature may not be that great for pizza, but it can bake a lasagna directly from the freeze. Based on the size of the lasagna, you may end up cooking for 15 to 30-minutes.


Is it Easy to Clean a NuWave Oven?

Cleaning a conventional oven is a big deal. Why won’t it be? Those open-topped appliances work with dripping fat, burned crust, and many more. So it would help if you were prepared for a whole lot of pre and post-cooking cleaning.

NuWave ovens are a sigh of relief for you. Each of the parts is removable and washable in the dishwasher. Besides, the drip pan comes with a paint coating that helps to remove any grease from it.

Except for the power unit, all the other components can be cleaned by hand or dishwasher. Thus, you can use any based on your preference.

Can I Replace a Microwave Oven with a NuWave Oven Pro Plus?

Perhaps not. NuWave is much better at replacing a toaster oven, but it is still slower than any regular microwave oven. Besides, soft food items like meatloaf or string beans are better cooked in Microwave. A NuWave makes them unusually crispy.

However, the microwave sometimes makes food soggy. You can avoid it while using a NuWave. Warming a pizza in NuWave will keep the crust crispy the way you want.

One of the biggest advantages of NuWave over any conventional Microwave oven is it can cook frozen food in no time. And it does not require any preheating. No one will be that confident with a Microwave oven while cooking frozen foods or whole poultry. 

Can I Reheat food in my NuWave Oven Pro Plus?

Yes, you can reheat foods like pizza, meat, lasagna, or even meatloaf in the NuWave Oven. This countertop oven comes with a dedicated reheat button for this job.

All you have to do is to select the time based on the quantity of the food. Now just wait and get warm and, in some cases, crispy reheated food.

Can NuWave Convection Oven cook Pizza?

I won’t recommend NuWave for cooking pizza. There are a few reasons that will make you unsatisfied with the pizza made in the NuWave Oven.

Firstly, the temperature range is too low to cook a perfect pizza. You can keep the pizza for a longer time, but that involves the risk of making the crust too crispy.

Secondly, you have to flip the pizza after a while to expose the base to the heat convection. As a result, you may find some of the toppings or melted cheese on the drip pan on the bottom.


NuWave introduced a new trend in healthy and eco-friendly cooking. It may have some shortcomings in comparison with conventional techniques. But if you can pick the best Oven from this NuWave Oven Reviews, cooking will be great fun. Of course, the food is meant to taste great.