NuWave Bravo XL Reviews: Just Hype or Really Happening?

Will you look for any other Air Fry Oven product, if one can do 9-tasks and can make restaurant-quality Pizza, Waffle, or Bagel? At least I won’t stare at any other model of the kitchen appliances.

Yes, I am talking about Bravo XL. If you want to know more about some of the stunning features of this air fryer regular oven, do not miss this NuWave Bravo XL reviews.

As a cooking enthusiast and health-conscious person, I have checked and reviewed all the major factors like the heating system, control system, temperature range, dimension, and wattage of this NuWave product.

I can assure you that no essential features have been skipped from my scrutiny. And you can rely on the outcome before choosing this great air fryer oven.

How Good the NuWave Bravo XL Oven Really is?

Price and feature-wise, NuWave Bravo XL is a great air fryer oven. This model from NuWave
can do:

● Air Frying
● Grilling
● Baking
● Dehydrating
● Broiling
● Reheating
● Roasting
● Toasting
● Defrosting

What else can you ask from a Digital Air Frying Toaster Oven?

It comes with a Digital Temperature Probe that can be independently adjusted with ease. It will keep the temperature from 100 to 450-degree Fahrenheit for almost any cooking function.

No matter if you cook Chicken, Pizza, or simple toast, nothing will be too dry. The Flavor Infusion Technology keeps the moisture locked inside the food.

With 12 Preset functions, this Best Smart Oven from NuWave will make your cooking free of any hassles and full of happiness.

Last but not least, it is almost impossible to beat the price that comes with a 3-Years Warranty.

NuWave Bravo XL Reviews

Oven Build

The outer side of the NuWave Toaster oven is made with Brushed Stainless Steel. The outlook is not only stunning but also adds a new dimension to any kitchen. You can see the difference if you use a conventional oven in the kitchen.

The steel is highly durable and can take a lot of stress and punishments. You can use the oven for a long time without any major scratch or dent on the surface. Moreover, clean up is also
easy due to the anti-scratch and anti-rust features.

Whatever is cooking inside, you can see it through the tempered glass door. The heat-resistant glass can endure high heat for a long time. The interior light of the oven Will helps to see how great your cooking is progressing.

Power and Heating Element

The NuWave Bravo is a high wattage oven. It works on 1800-watt ratings. It may seem like a power guzzler. However, the Quartz heating element is highly energy-efficient and reaches the desired temperature in the quickest time.

There are three Quartz heating elements on the top and two on the bottom. You can adjust them according to your cooking needs. The top element does the broiling whereas the bottom
one does the rest of the cooking functions.

A digital Integrated Temperature Probe stays inside the food. It means you don’t have to do any guesswork while cooking. The cooking cycle ends right after the correct internal temperature is reached.

Temperature Range

The oven comes with a working temperature range of 100 to 450-degree Fahrenheit. The lower range is slightly higher than Emeril’s Air Fryer 360. But no other model can beat the NuWave
Bravo XL.

You can adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments. This is one of the features that are absent in almost every air fryer counterparts of NuWave Bravo.

Preset Functionality

No other contemporary oven has that many preset functions as NuWave Bravo XL. It comes with 12 preset functions that include:

● Bagel
● Waffle
● Pizza
● Air Frying
● Grilling
● Baking
● Dehydrating
● Broiling
● Reheating
● Roasting
● Toasting
● Defrosting

You can select the presets using a dial. Some users found using the dial to change the presets rather than button controls in Breville Smart Oven. But I have found it a few times faster than the button control.

Oven Dimension

Putting the NuWave oven in the kitchen is convenient as a countertop device. It has an outer dimension of 20 X 13.5 X 11 inches. This dimension goes perfectly with any kitchen countertop. And the height does not interfere with the gap between the countertop and bottom of the kitchen shelves.

The inner dimension aka cooking capacity of the oven is 1-cubic feet. You can fit a 10 Pound Chicken, 6 Pound Roast, 13-inches frozen Pizza, or 6-slices of Toast. The capacity is a few
times bigger than any leading smart oven.

Quality of the Prepared Food

Each time you will get the best taste for the food. All the credit goes to Flavor Infusion Technology (FIT). It uses all the heat transform methods like conduction, convection, and radiation to circulate the super cyclonic hot air from all directions to the food.

The hot air from all directions penetrates the food inside and also cooks from the outside. It ensures super juicy inside while golden crispy outside. Whether it is a Grill, Roast, Enamel Broiling, or Bake the outside of the food will mesmerize and the taste will astonish you.

Oven Accessories

Except for the Breville Smart Oven, the NuWave Bravo comes with the maximum number of free oven accessories. They include:


● Air Fry Basket
● Two Basket/Racks
● Broiler Tray/Racks
● Baking Pan
● Dishwasher Safe Crumb Drip Tray
● User’s Manual and
● Recipe Book

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

NuWave Bravo has a 3-years limited warranty. But for the 1st year, you will get VIP Service from the manufacturers.

If you are not happy with the oven performance, which is pretty rare, there is a 90-days limited money-back guarantee. Make sure you read the prerequisites and conditions of the money-back guarantee for the NuWave Products.

Great things about NuWave Bravo XL?

One of the best things about this Air fryer/Convection Oven/Dehydrator device is its diverse functionality as 12 presets functions. You can literally do anything with this oven. From roasting a chicken to baking a cake, or making a 13 Inch Pizza will be like a breeze with it.

NuWave Bravo XL Reviews - 12 preset option

The digital temperature control probe keeps track of the desired temperature of the foods. It also helps to stop cooking instantly after the temperature is reached. Thus overcooking will never be an issue with NuWave Bravo Smart Oven.

Flavor Infusion Technology (FIT) keeps the moisture intact while making the outside crispy. This makes any food taste awesome.

5 Quartz Heating elements on top and bottom controls the way you want your food to be.

Adjustable temperature control lets you use either both or only one of them for baking, broiling,
or browning.

Not so Great Things about NuWave Bravo XL

There are not many reasons that you will dislike the NuWave Bravo XL. One of the major reasons that users face is the price. The price tag may be higher than any standard oven or conventional air fryer; however, the model is cheaper than any conventional and smart air fry oven models.

You will love the function of the 3-speed convection fan. The fan speeds help the super-hot air to circulate and penetrate into the food. But the noise is a bit annoying, especially for a smaller kitchen.

Power Air Fryer vs. Smart Oven: Which Type is Better and Why?

Both of the varieties of the ovens have some noticeable features that make them perfect for particular tasks and preferences. It is not that straightforward to say one is best over the other.

However, if your main goal is weight loss through fat-free healthy food, Power Air Fryer is a terrific product. Contrarily, smart ovens tend to keep the moisture in the form of water and fat inside the food. So you may have to choose between juicy but fat-filled and dry but healthy food.

Smart ovens are more durable due to their made and feature. They will serve you with numerous functions for a longer period of time. You may end up paying a lot higher but the investment will go a long way.

If you want to know my preference, I will go for the Smart Ovens. Because you can control how much moisture and fat will be there in the foods and can make them healthier. Besides, they will offer diverse functionality with longevity. All of these will be rare in a conventional air fryer.


When you have a NuWave Brave Xl smart oven in your kitchen, any type of baking or grilling is convenient. However, it may not be easy to pick one with confidence when you face so many
options in the market.

NuWave Bravo XL Reviews will boost your confidence to purchase the model. We have left no features behind to check and review for you. Now you can go over all of them, compare with other models and pick the best one for you.

And of course, it will be the NuWave Bravo Xl Smart Oven.