Dyson AM10 Humidifier Review – One of the Best Humidifier

Dyson AM10 humidifier is an excellent electrical appliance that contributes to the increase of humidity (the total amount of water vapor in the air) at a very fast rate. 

Dyson AM10 humidifier can destroy 99.99% of bacteria in the air with ultraviolet cleanse technology and finally generate pure and fresh air to keep your room hydrated. It helps you to get rid of various health issues like dry skin, cracked lips, nosebleeds, etc in cold winter months. The Dyson am10 release date is unknown. In this article, you will find our expert overview of the Dyson AM10 humidifier review.

If you want to purchase the Dyson AM10 humidifier, then you can go through all of its features and functionality.

Dyson am10 humidifier review
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Why Dyson AM10 Humidifier Important for Your Home?

Humidifiers play a significant role in moisturizing the air around you. Dyson AM10 is highly valuable because it can put an end to dryness and help deal with respiratory symptoms with ease. It also improves the air quality of your home with its air filter system. Since it is a cool mist humidifier, it can add cool mist to the air in one small room or the entire house based on your requirements.

The moisture of a location is essential to maintain the good health of the people residing in that particular area. The problem of low humidity is very common in localities where the climate is hot, and heat is ruling the breeze. However, this problem of low humidity persists during winter seasons as well.

Low humidity generates in the house, mainly if the outside weather is cold and the air inside of the house is dry. This kind of atmosphere can cause severe respiratory disorders and mostly affect the well-being of people. Not only people, but this problem also has a severe impact on various appliances and other devices in your home.

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Dyson AM10 Humidifier review

Dyson am10 humidifier
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Dyson AM10 humidifier Review: Overview

Dyson is a brand that is a top manufacturer of electrical home appliances. This company is also well-known for its amazing-looking household applications like fans, cordless vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc. The Dyson AM10 humidifier has a revolutionary design and modern components. It is a cool mist humidifier.

Dyson’s competitors are far behind in terms of the design and properties of the humidifiers. Dyson products are very popular for their attractive appearance and they succeed in providing the best performance. During the eight-hour test, it achieved 55 percent humidity.

Dyson am10 humidifier consists of an oval-shaped air multiplier, a small transparent water tank, a humidistat, and a thermostat to measure the humidity and temperature of your apartment. It has a blue light to indicate whether the device is ON or OFF. This bright blue light may disturb sleep for some people.

A magnetic remote control is also included with this humidifier for easy storage. This replacement remote is a significant component to operate the device. The remote control is essential for airflow settings, timer, humidifier settings, etc because there is no other way of operating it.

Dyson AM10 does not have any buttons on the device.  The design of the Dyson AM10 humidifier is almost similar to the Dyson AM06 humidifier. All these components and elements have a high hand in the smooth functioning of the product.

Benefits of Using Dyson Am10 Humidifier

The Dyson Am10 Humidifier is an advanced humidifier with a range of innovative features to provide efficient, healthy, and tailored humidification solutions. From compact design and advanced material selections to energy-saving technologies, self-regulating humidification, and advanced monitoring systems, the Am10 offers a range of benefits designed to improve people’s well-being in their daily lives.

The Am10 is equipped with Dyson’s patented Dyson Core Flow technology, a system designed to provide evenly distributed mist over a wide area. This system instantly senses changes in humidity levels, self-regulates, and adjusts the mist output to maintain a desired humidity level. This ensures a much more comfortable atmosphere and also helps reduce energy costs. Additionally, the Dyson Am10 uses Dyson Air Multiplier technology, which takes air in from the surrounding environment and amplifies it to create a powerful, even, and targeted flow of mist. This technology is especially useful for larger rooms, as the mist is able to efficiently reach every area of the room.

The Am10 has a number of other features that make it incredibly energy-efficient. For instance, the Advanced Air Monitor system monitors indoor air quality and adjusts the output of mist accordingly. This means that the humidifier only works when needed, saving energy and money. Additionally, the Am10 also has an adjustable scheduling feature that allows users to pre-set their desired humidity levels. This means that the unit can be scheduled to run at the most energy-efficient times of the day, further saving energy and money.

The Dyson Am10 Humidifier is also designed for easy and efficient maintenance. The unit is designed to be filled from the bottom, making it easy and safe to remove and refill the water tank. Additionally, the tank features an antimicrobial surface to reduce mineral build-up and make it easier to clean. The Am10 also has an easy-to-read LED display to help diagnose common problems and indicate when the unit needs to be serviced or refilled.

Finally, the Dyson Am10 is designed to be incredibly quiet and efficient, ensuring that it won’t disturb people in the home. This makes it ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where noise can be disruptive.

Dyson AM10 humidifier review: Performance

As mentioned earlier, Dyson am10 humidifiers are famous for their excellent performance. In terms of performance, Dyson AM10 breaks all the previous records and sets a new one. Dyson am10 humidifier beat its competitors because it has successfully passed all the tests. 

Am10 humidifier helps to increase the humidity by 24% once it comes into operation. It can generate equal amounts of moisture across the area so that you can enjoy a hydrated and fresh breeze.


Dyson AM10 humidifier review: Features

  • The air multiplier technology greatly contributes towards the smooth functioning of this device. With this feature, it can produce a fine mist or hygienic mist in a wider range like your whole home.
  • A small water tank was installed just below the air multiplier. This tank is transparent, and the users can see the amount of water present inside. You can check if a refill is required.
  • The tank is small in size specifically 3 liters. It needs to fill after a certain period like 10 to 12 hours interval to maintain the target humidity and air quality of your room.
  • A thermostat and an accurate humidistat are preinstalled into this humidifier to record the temperature and humidity of your room. These two components work together, and the humidifier keeps working until a specific humidity level is achieved.
  • Another exceptional feature of this device is the “auto function” option. All you have to do is select the desired humidity level in your room using the thermostat, humidistat, and bladeless fan. Then, set the device to “automatic.” This would automatically control the humidity levels of your house without external assistance. This auto shutdown feature helps to create a comfortable environment automatically based on the current air temperature. Of its automatic shutdown feature it stops working when it reached the desired humidity level.
  • In terms of the absolute ability of humidifying, Dyson AM10 is quite better than other humidifiers.
  • A fan is also installed with this device. This feature is useful to get cool puffs of breeze when your room is considerably hot. The bladeless fan is an extra optional feature but can produce unnecessary sound when you turn it on. It has 10 fan speed levels
  • A Remote control is available to help you control the humidity levels of 30 to 70% in your room. You should keep this Remote in a safe place.
  • This humidifier uses an ultraviolet light system to prevent mold and limescale buildup.
  • The LED light feature is yet another attractive one, and it fulfills the work of indication. The led display is perfect and lets you know what exactly is happening with your device. The display tells you the humidity level, temperature, and water level. So, you don’t need to check the water level frequently. The power button helps you to adjust humidity settings.

Dyson am10 humidifier review: Maintenance Tips

Read this Dyson AM10 humidifier review carefully to know all the required information for proper maintenance. Another important point is always to use In order to make it long-lasting, it is essential to maintain the device properly so that it can keep functioning without any trouble for an extended time. The whole process of cleaning will take just a couple of minutes. 

For the regular cleaning process, you can use citric acid solution and vinegar to immerse the humidifier. 

However, you can also use a scrubber to clean each part of the device. It is essential to change the air filter regularly to maintain air quality as these air filters remove dust particles from the air of your home.

Weekly cleaning is essential to prevent damage and contribute to smooth functioning.

distilled water or tap water to avoid spots of calcium deposits inside or outside the humidifier.

If you use hard water, you may notice calcium and other mold buildups inside the device. 

It has a fill hole for cleaning the inside area of the device.

However, the bottom line is that it needs more frequent cleaning like weekly and monthly cleaning procedures. The monthly cleaning procedure is more complicated than the weekly Dyson am10 humidifier cleaning process.

Dyson humidifier Review: Pros & Cons

The Dyson AM10 Humidifier is a high-end product with a unique design and features aimed at improving the quality of air in your home. It offers superior performance with its Air Multiplier technology, allowing it to disperse humidified air more quickly and efficiently than other models. Whether you need to add moisture to a dry indoor climate or reduce dust and bacteria in the air, the Dyson AM10 Humidifier is a strong contender for your needs.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Modern features and functionalities

  • Spreads equal levels of humidity

  • Auto function for automatic control

  • 2 years of warranty period.

  • Intelligent Climate Control

  • Sleep timer

  • Delivers 99.9% bacteria-free, hydrated air in winter months

  • High velocity breeze to cool you in summer

  • Improves air quality

  • Safety features

  • Small opening of the water tank makes it difficult to refill.

  • Fan produces disturbing noise

  • No night mode

  • High in price

  • The fill hole is not big enough for proper cleaning of inside area of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dyson AM10 humidifier worth it?

The Dyson AM10 humidifier is a great investment that can help to improve your home’s air quality. It works well to purify the air and humidify a space, and the Dyson Pure Humidify Cool helps to cool down the air as well. The humidifier does need distilled water in order to function properly, but it is worth it for the many benefits it provides.

Does Dyson humidifier work well?

Yes, Dyson humidifiers are highly effective and reliable. They are designed with a dual function that combines purification and humidification for optimal air quality. Its advanced Air Multiplier™ technology delivers a smooth, evenly dispersed mist that ensures you get the most from your device.

Is Dyson AM10 discontinued?

No, the Dyson AM10 humidifier is still available for purchase from authorized dealers such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Does Dyson AM10 purify air?

Yes, the Dyson AM10 Humidifier/Purifier is designed to capture 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from the air, helping to protect your family from airborne germs and airborne pollutants.

Is Dyson pure humidify cool worth it?

The Dyson Pure Humidify Cool is worth considering as it combines a powerful fan with a humidifier to filter, humidify, and cool the air in your home. It also has an advanced filtration system that removes allergens, pollutants, and bacterial growth, making it a good choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Does Dyson humidifier need distilled water?

Yes, Dyson humidifiers require distilled water for optimal performance.

Final Words
Dyson AM10 is designed with modern functionalities and technology to prevent dryness and generate fresh air inside your home. This device has all the essential stuff and functionalities to get the work done smoothly and also maintains the air quality of your home. Someone may ask if the Dyson am10 discontinued? the answer is no, it is still available in the market.

The Dyson AM10 humidifier gets certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to be free of all kinds of airborne allergens and Asthma problems. So when you set up this unit in your home, you will not need any allergy medication. It also helps to get relief from various health problems like dry skin, cracked lips, nosebleeds, airborne allergens, etc. This humidifier also has a parent-approved seal, so it is safe for your children. The ultraviolet cleanses technology helps to generate clean air by destroying harmful bacteria.

The Dyson AM10 humidifier review will help all potential buyers to know more about all the functionalities that a good humidifier should consist of.  According to the buyer’s review Dyson AM 10 costs more than the price of an average humidifier.

You can consider purchasing this product to control the humidity levels and air quality of your room and breathe in the fresh air. For further instructions, you can contact the customer service helpline. Read our Best whole house humidifier guide to know more about different brands. If you found the Dyson AM10 humidifier review informative then don’t forget to share it with your friends.