It’s very crucial and simple to balance the humidity levels in your home. If there’s too much moisture in the air, then there’s a high chance for mold and mildew to buildup in wet areas. Also, you’ll have unwanted attention from insects and other creatures in your house. So, to keep the humidity levels right we suggest you use a whole house humidifier.

Whole house humidifiers work along with your existing air conditioner for cooling and heating system. They’re designed to create a comfortable energy-efficient environment within your home. Proper humidity adds moisture to the dry air that reduces rough skin, preserves wood furnishings, reduces static electricity and makes you more comfortable at a lower temperature.

Since there are so many of them, we’ve only picked 10 that we were really impressed with. Let’s take a look at the in-depth features of these best whole house humidifier that we’ve selected.


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Types of Whole House Humidifiers

If you’re curious about which type of whole house humidifier to get, then we’re here to help you find the perfect one for your house. Some humidifier also work as air purifier. Here are the common types of whole house humidifiers.

Bypass Humidifiers

Bypass humidifiers add dampness to warm air via a water heater. These kinds of humidifiers take warm air from heat pump or the home’s warming ducts and pass it through a water plate.

This permits the air to gather dampness which is then conveyed once more into the house. You can install a bypass humidifier on the stockpile or return plenum of your focal air system.

However, bypass humidifiers normally need to clear out their water supply. So if you don’t have a floor drain, then you can consider it to using your existing condensate pump.

In addition, you can install a drain less bypass humidifier. These reuse their water supply, implying that they utilize less water.

Moreover, these types of humidifiers aren’t only the most common but also fairly easy to setup, service, and operate. All you need to do is at the beginning or end of each heating season simply change the humidifier pad.

They’re capable of humidifying almost every home when installed on a properly sized furnace. Because of this reason, Bypass humidifiers considered best whole house humidifier.

Fan-controlled Humidifiers

The main genuine distinction between a fan-controlled humidifier and a bypass humidifier is that the previous uses a fan to push air through the water plate for expanded water vanishing. Fan powered humidifiers can create more up to a gallon of water vapor or moistness every day than with bypass humidifiers.

They’re additionally more power proficient, as the inside fan utilizes a similar measure of power as a 25-watt bulb light. It doesn’t require a bypass channel which permits it to be installed in fewer spaces as it’s a powered flow-through system.

A fan-controlled humidifier consider as the best whole house humidifier if your home already have central air conditioning system. It is incredible for home based on slabs or with HVAC central air conditioning system frameworks in a storage room.

Steam Humidifiers

Steam humidifiers work to make humidity as steam. These types of humidifiers used to heat water to its boiling point. The steam is then gotten and pushed all through the ventilation system. These humidifiers are the quickest and most productive approach to expand and keep up a decent degree of humidity in your home. We would like to advise you to check the quality of your water to prevent corrosion of the heating element.

In addition,, steam whole house humidifiers give the perfect and most characteristic type of dampness that you can have inside your home. The humidifier can run dampness paying little mind to the state of your warming or cooling system.

Though these types of humidifiers are the most effective, you should also keep in mind that they’re more costly to setup and maintain. You can consider this as best whole house humidifier if you have a bigger house, flooring, high-end furniture, or require precise humidity control.

Spray Humidifier

Among all types of humidifiers out there, spray humidifier isn’t only the least expensive but also least common. These types of nozzles must have clean water to avoid minerals buildup from partially plugging the nozzle.

The reason is it can cause leaks and water damage. A partially plugged nozzle can change alters the mist as stream of water and which doesn’t evaporate.  

This is why these types of nozzles and inline water filter need annual replacement.

Our Top 10 Picks of Best Whole House Humidifier

A humidifier keeps the house warm by spreading humidified air throughout the entire house. As a result, we’re able to stay comfortable during the day and enjoy our peaceful sleep during the night. Below we are going to review 10 best whole house humidifiers with updated information along with customer feedback.

Here we go..

1. AIRCARE EP9 800 Whole House Pedestal Style Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Digital humidistat
  • Easy front fill pour-in design
  • 9 fan speeds
  • Refill indicator

This humidifier is designed wonderfully. Its pedestal styled and weighs 27 pounds. It’s espresso in color and comes with a replaceable tile top which you can change with any 12 by 12 inch tile of your own taste. EP9 800 unit is a great addition of your smart home.

Moreover, since its 27 inches tall, you can use it as an end table that can blend into your personal style effortlessly. It’s energy consumption rate is 70 Watts.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not use extension cords. You should directly plug this humidifier to electrical outlet.

The humidifier is fully capable of managing the humidity in a house of up to 2400 square feet. If you set this up in a central location, it’ll be able to increase the humidity levels of your home easily.

It features an automatic control humidistat along with 9 fan settings which you can set to the exact humidity level you desire. It also features a 3.5 gallon that can hold enough water and generate enough water vapor to keep it operating for 60 hours between refills. In fact, you need less maintenance to keep it intact.

If you’re able to increase your home’s humidity levels, you’ll be able to set the thermostat on this unit at a low temperature without abandoning your comfort. Therefore, on average, you’ll be able to preserve 3% energy for every degree when you set the thermostat. Aircare ep9 800 humidifiers has better energy efficiency.

Moreover, the product is backed up by a 2-year warranty to ensure better customer service.

Read our expert details Aircare ep9 800 review here

  • Can fit beautifully into any space

  • Easy to refill

  • Long runtime

  • ETL approved

  • Automatic humidifier

  • Noisy

  • Bulky

Customer Feedback

People who have used this unit are overall impressed with its performance and recommended as the best whole house humidifier. We all know that US assembled product having more quality control reputation than other country.

Customer are mainly impressed with it for its ability to keep them safe from allergens by producing high air quality and reduce static shock. Once they’ve started using it, they’ve had no allergy attacks, and they found this humidifier operating quickly.

Also, many of them have complaints about the sound it produces. When they use it at low speed, they don’t get any sound. However, once they try to increase the speed, it starts to produce a much louder sound which makes them feel very obnoxious.

2. AIRCARE 831000 Space Saver Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Auto shut-off
  • Auto dry-out mode
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • 3 fan speeds

Starting with a 6-gallon of water capacity feature, which can cover living rooms up to 2700 square feet. It can handle any amount of water effortlessly without causing any kind of leakage.

The display features can provide you with 3 types of information; refill, fan speed and the relative humidity of your room.

The design of this unit will not appeal to you that much. Well, you may not be pleased with its design, as it’s one of the most basic evaporative humidifier that can fit into the space of a medium house.

It can run for up to 70 hours;

Which means that you’ll be to enjoy the comfort you’re provided with from this machine. It comes with a thick saturated filter that can eradicate and therefore, protect you from airborne particles, germs, etc. swiftly.

You might think that it’s bulky when you have a first look at it, as it weighs 14 pounds.

However, it’s designed to accommodate very little space for its uptight, bulky structure.

Moreover, it includes checking filters and water refill indicators that can warn you speedily when the water level increases. 

Lastly, this unit can cut your energy bills by up to 20 percent and it includes a 1-year warranty and 30 days warranty for factory installed parts and wicks and filters. You’ll also get 2 years of warranty for controls, motor, and cabinets.

  • Easy maintenance

  • Better runtime

  • Large tank capacity

  • Affordable

  • Bulky design

Customer Feedback

Many people have bought this unit and most of them are really pleased with its incredible performance. They’re impressed with it because it can keep their whole house comfortable during the winter.

Some users also recommended AIRCARE 831000 as the best whole house humidifier

They’ve also noticed that it can keep them safe from white dust as they didn’t found any white dust flying in their respective rooms.

However, when it comes to the sound it creates, they don’t have any favorable opinions.

When they use it in low or medium, it’s quiet but when they set it on high speed, they found the sound very loud.

3. AIRCARE MA1201 Whole House Console Style Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Digital display
  • Check filter and water refill indicators
  • Customizable humidity settings
  • Quiet nighttime setting

The AIRCARE MA1201 Best Whole House Console Style Evaporative Humidifier features a sleek design that is able to blend itself very well with any kind of decor.

Thanks to its single bottle design, it’s able to become compact and ideal for tiny spaces. As a result, you won’t face any sort of issues when you’re placing it in your home.

Though it has a miniature design, it can measure up to 3600 square feet of your space. It has a weight of 14 lbs. This unit consists of a 3.6-gallon tank capacity that will keep you rest assured that all of your rooms are being kept enough moist for up to 36 hours of its running time.

It’s able to maintain and help your furniture to stay in good shape as it doesn’t leave any trace of white dust in your room. It’s able to do this because before evaporating, the water leaves all of its mineral deposits on the wick.

The digital display of The AIRCARE MA1201 will give you the vital statistics intuitively.

The filter is very easy to fill. In fact, you’ll be able to maintain and clean it very easily. Keep in mind that you have to do this regularly. If you do this regularly, no mold and mildew will build upon its surface.

It includes four fan speeds, which you can use to decrease the noise it creates when operating.

Overall, this cool mist humidifier is generally quiet so that you won’t feel disturbed continuously when you’re doing your own stuff in your room.

Many energy experts have conducted research on this humidifier and according to their reports; this humidifier can save 3-10% of your energy. The manufacturing company of this unit included it with a 1-year warranty.

  • Quiet operation

  • Lightweight design

  • Sufficient portability

  • Runs long

  • Energy Efficiency

  • LED Display

  • Very large and bulky

Customer Feedback

Those who have used The AIRCARE MA1201, are content with its performance. They’ve discovered that it can protect them from allergies, can be changed and removed from one place to another easily. Overall, they’re very happy using it.

4. Honeywell HE280A2001 Whole House Humidifier

Top Features

  • Water-saving technology
  • Flow-through design
  • PerfetFLO water distribution
  • Operates at 24 Volts

The Honeywell HE280A2001 Whole House Humidifier is designed using a flow-through technology that can kill micro-organisms by rinsing and draining itself instead of taking stagnant water from a reservoir.

As a result, you won’t need much to maintain it.

Honeywell HE280A2001 weighs about 0.16 ounces and can cover space up to 4000 square feet, at maximum while using water efficiently.

Additionally, this unit includes very inexpensive evaporator pads. They have been given the ability to help filter out all sorts of minerals from hard water and other impurities so that they’re enabled to ensure cleaner moisture.

Moreover, it requires less maintenance. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined due to lack of proper maintenance.

The water-saving technology helps this unit to use 30 percent less water.

Besides, it includes PerfectFLO water distribution technology, which is easily able to optimize the efficiency of the energy and lessen water consumption.

Therefore, you’ll find your water bills almost affordable and be able to pay them without any dilemma.

The humidified air it produces protects your wood floors and furnishings from all sorts of damages, cracks, and molds.

Generally, HE280A2001 whole house humidifier can operate quietly.

However, the solenoid valve of this unit is very tricky and complicated. It doesn’t work properly after a year. Also, the unit comes backed up by a 12-month warranty.

  • Easy DIY installation

  • Safeguards interiors and furniture

  • Saves energy

  • Works on large space

  • Sketchy solenoid valve

Customer Feedback

Those who have bought and used this unit like it very much as it comes with an installing kit including all the parts they need. Therefore, they don’t have to face any problem while installing it; which seems very easy to them. HE280A2001 already considered as Best Whole House Humidifier among users.

Moreover, they’re also able to set their desired level of humidity on the humidity control which will start to run when it’s needed. So, they don’t feel the necessity of turning it on and off manually.

5. Honeywell HE360A1075 Whole House Humidifier

Top Features

  • Flow-through design
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Relative humidity convertible humidity control
  • Pad 24V transformer

The interior design of this unit is simple, yet sturdy enough. The color of this model is white and gray and it comes with air vents that are situated on the top and bottom of the front panel. These air vents allow extra air and heat to go away.

The weight and measurement of this unit are 18 pounds and 10.2 x 15.2 x 14 inches.

Looking at these measurements, it can be said that Honeywell HE360A1075 model is smaller than other models. The exterior of this model is made from high-quality ingredients that can resist rust and corrosion.

Therefore, you can install it in your basement without worrying about complications.

Since it’s a power flow machine, the flow will go through the machine and the water will be pushed into the vents.

As a result, the machine will gradually slow itself and require lower maintenance.

Honeywell HE360A1075 unit includes the PerfectFLO water distribution tray that enables it to distribute water smoothly on its surface and make maximum usage of 18 gallons it includes.

So, you’ll be able to preserve energy more.

HE360A1075 is the best whole house humidifier option for humidifying space that can measure up to 4200 square feet. You might feel doubtful when you’re going to buy this humidifier because you know that most of the humidifiers usually generate sounds that are very disturbing to hear.

However, you won’t find the same case in HE360A1075 humidifier as this machine has to be installed in your house’s basement, which is usually far away from your room. Also, you’ll get a 1-year warranty.

  • Cost-saving mechanism

  • Consumes water efficiently

  • Flushing timer

  • Maintains quietness

  • Requires floor drain

Customer Feedback

Those who have bought Honeywell HE360A1075 humidifier have found the installation process and maintenance very easy.

However, they have complaints about it not including any installation kit, which they have to get on their own. The unit has a 4.4-star rating in Amazon.

6. Aprilaire 500M Whole-Home Humidifier

Top Features

  • Manual operation
  • Compatible with soft and hard water
  • Adjustable humidity
  • Humidity sensor

The Aprilaire 500M considered as Best Whole House Humidifier that works manually and comes with a compact design with a built-in sensor which is situated in the standard control monitors.

You can install this device easily and can add it to the overall look of your decor.

Aprilaire 500M has a weight of 7.75 pounds and the dimensions of this device are 10.2 x 15.6 x 13 inches.  It’s able to cover up areas that count up to 3000 square feet.

500M model is perfect for you if you live in a small house. It doesn’t need many parts in order to install it. Moreover, you’ll be amazed by how much less maintenance it needs to operate properly. 

Additionally, it comes with a built-in drain. This drain can flush minerals that is generated from the device.

Besides, water can’t stand in this unit so the 500M humidified air produced from it stays fresh and clean always.

The Aprilaire 500M can generate optimally humidified air. Therefore, your wood floors, furnishings, and your home’s infrastructure will be provided with protection against damage, which is caused due to the low level of humidity.

Furthermore, it reduces respiratory irritation and helps ease itchy skin through its antibacterial water treatment.

Since you can maintain health using humidified air with the help of this device, your house stays warmer during the cold.

As a result, your heating costs reduced continuously. You shouldn’t be worried about the sound produced from it, as you’ll only hear the hissing sound of water when it’s operating which isn’t frustrating at all.

In addition, the device comes backed up by a 5-year warranty by the manufacturer, which refers to an excellent satisfactory customer service.

  • Saves water

  • Affordable

  • Eradicates bacteria and viruses

  • Made in the USA

  • Needs professional installation

Customer Feedback

Customers who have used this unit love that it can maintain their suitable moist level automatically without any intervention. What made them like this unit so much is the fact that it can help them preserve their energy. The product has a 4.5 rating on Amazon.

7. AIRCARE Trim Whole House Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Analog control panel
  • Refill indicator
  • Refilling hose
  • Lift-out power pack

AIRCARE Trim console style humidifier can cover up large areas up to 3700 square feet. Its size is large enough to cover the space of most homes, as well as being a medium-budget friendly machine.

AIRCARE Trim features a 12 gallon-per-day output capacity, which is highly effective and strong to protect you from the harshness of a dry environment.

So, you’ll be able to decrease the instances of illnesses, along with bringing comfort for itchy skins.

Another great addition to this unit is its intelligent design and style. It has nice wood finishing which makes it look very stylish. When it’s placed in a room, it’ll add a pleasant sight.

Besides, it won’t take much of your room’s space, considering its tank capacity.

The stylish whole house humidifier is easily moveable as it includes a caster on the bottom. So, if you wish to remove and place it elsewhere, someplace you like, you’ll be able to do it without facing any difficulties with the help of these casters.

Also, it features a digital readout operation. Therefore, you’ll be able to see the information it provides at a first glance.

Moreover, it includes a 3-fan speed and an adjustable humidistat, which can be used to adjust the motion of the airflow according to your own will. These features will help you save electricity and lower the amount of time you need to refill.

AIRCARE Trim also includes an evaporative wick filter that can retain mineral deposits, white dust and other dissolved solid elements from the water. As a result, the unit will be able to disperse only clean and moist air. 

  • Easy to fill

  • Easy to clean

  • Attractive design

  • Shuts off automatically

  • Very loud

Customer Feedback

Many customers have bought this humidifier. So far, they’re impressed with its overall performance. What they liked the most is that it’s able to cycle on and off automatically to maintain their humidity level by taking help from the built-in hygrometer. The product has a 3.9 rating on Amazon.

8. AIRCARE H12600 Whole House Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Digital control board
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Auto shut off
  • Long power cord

The AIRCARE H12600 Whole House Evaporative Humidifier includes a copper finish that adds more con temporariness and attractiveness in its design and looks.

It can humidify up to 3700 square feet amount of area and has a weight of 20 pounds.

H12600 features a digital control board that brings all of its key features right at your fingertips, for example, digital humidistat, 4 fan speed, check the filter and refill notifications, etc.

You can adjust the humidistat between 25 percent and 65 percent.

The humidifier comes with an evaporative wick. All sorts of water have to go through this wick before they’re released into your home’s atmosphere. When they go through the wick, it collects impurities and other minerals from them.

In one word, it purifies the water going through it.

Therefore, you’ll find your home humidified with natural, clean, moisture air.

Moreover, it includes a fill hose that you can use to remove the tank and refill it with a sufficient amount of water at your sink easily. It can shut itself off automatically once it’s able to reach your desired humidity level.

You can also wheel it into another place you think would suit more or a closet once summer arrives with the help of included rolling casters.

Besides, AIRCARE H12600 has been approved by the ETL. So, you’ll begin to realize that your energy bills are all of a sudden less once you start using it.

Since it can preserve your energy that is why it has been ETL-listed.

However, once you use the 4-fan speed feature, you’ll find a sound produced which can be quite intolerable.

Lastly, this unit is backed up with a 2-year warranty.

  • ETL approved

  • Easy to move

  • Nice design

  • Easy to clean

  • Somehow bulky

Customer Feedback

Those who have bought AIRCARE H12600, considered as one of the best whole house humidifier, and they have liked it very much. The customer have discovered that they can choose their preferred temperature from 25 to 65 percent in 5 percent increments. Many customers have rated this product a 3.9 rating on Amazon.

9. AIRCARE HD1409 Digital Whole House Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Console style humidifier
  • Digital Control humidistat
  • Digital readout
  • Refill indicator

The AIRCARE HD1409 Digital Whole House Evaporative Humidifier is very attractive and stylish to look at. It’s available in light oak and brushed nickel.

You can choose any one of them, depending on your taste and your home’s decor.

HD1409 is 25 inches tall and weighs about 26 lbs. It’s energy consumption rate is 165W.

The humidifier has the ability to humidify an area that counts up to 4000 square feet. It features a 12.8 gallon water vapor per day output, which is able to cover many large areas. So, once you’re done setting this up, you’ll be able to enjoy comfort all day long.

HD1409 Digital humidifier uses a patented 2 bottle tank system, so you’ll be able to fill water bottles easily from sink tap without lugging or filling humongous tanks. It features a refill indicator light feature that notifies you when it stops operating after 55 hours.

As a result, you’ll be informed about the time it needs refilling. Also, the auto shut-off features shut down when you’re refilling.

This digital and one of the best whole house humidifier comes with an HDC-12 filter, so no mold and mildew can grow inside this unit, as this filer can stop the growth of mold and mildew within this unit, without even producing the dust.

It also comes with a 5-gallon capacity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about refilling many of its bottles, as the 5-gallon capacity involves the refilling of minimum bottles.

When it’s set at low speed it usually produces 50 dB level of noise, which you’ll be able to tolerate.

However, when you set it on maximum speed, it’ll generate a 90.5 dB level of sound, which is hard to bear and tolerate and is very disturbing to your ears. Also, it includes a 2-year warranty.

  • Lightweight

  • Affordable

  • Stylish design

  • User-friendly

  • Preserves less amount of energy

Customer Feedback

Customers who have utilized this unit have been fond of it very much. They like that it can maintain their required humidity level on their own, thanks to its digital auto humidistat.

10. AIRCARE 696 400HB Whole House Credenza Evaporative Humidifier

Top Features

  • Digital humidistat
  • Digital readout
  • Refill indicator
  • Refill hose

AIRCARE 696 400HB humidifier features a credenza style cabinet and comes with two tones of oak color. It has a weight of 23 pounds. The dimensions of this unit are 15.5 x 28.2 x 23.8 inches. It can fit an area that estimates up to 3600 square feet.

It includes 9 fan speeds which are almost ideal for providing central air system with the right amount of humidified air. You can set the speed of the fan all by yourself at your chosen level. It’ll run until it reaches your desired level.

AIRCARE 696 400HB comes with large tanks that can hold up to 2.6 gallons of water. An indicator is attached to this unit. This indicator will inform you when it’s time to refill the tank. You can use the water hose it features to refill them easily.

696 400HB credenza humidifier can operate up to 45 hours. Thanks to the casters it comprises, you can easily move from one place to another. They’re situated at the bottom of the device and they remain hidden away from sight.

The manual controls of this device are pretty much simple. You can understand and use them without any kind of difficulties. Therefore, you won’t have any problem adjusting it. It comes with a lift-out power pack to maintain safety and keep it clean.

However, once you purchase one of the best whole house humidifier like 696 400HB credenza, you might have some concerns over air purification.

In that case, you should buy the optional AIRCARE filter as an accessory as it isn’t included in the device and is sold separately. This unit is particularly very loud. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Attractive design

  • Dual tanks

  • Large tank size

  • AHAM certified

  • Very noisy

Customer Feedback

Those who have purchased this unit are in awe with it. They’ve liked that this device can adjust the moisture level of your air, which they don’t have to do on their own. They’ve found that when they use the refill hose to refill the tanks, it’s done in a few minutes.

Best Whole House Humidifier Buyer’s Guide

The secret before buying any tool is always to shop around, as simple as that. You should always go for a tool that perfectly suits your needs. We have included a buying guide that will offer you a good value for your money if you’re considering investing in the best whole house humidifier.

Read the buyer guide before checking out your credit card here’s what you need to know.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for best whole house humidifier for home or any other purposes, what matters the most is the kind of whole house humidifier that you pick shouldn’t be confusing.

An instrument that is anything but difficult to utilize won’t just motivate you to complete your activities quickly, yet also lessen the time taken to figure out how the device functions.

Besides, the odds of committing errors with your new tools are also significantly decreased.


The most crucial factors are durability when you think of purchasing the best whole house humidifier. It determines the product is worth the investment. It’s good to have a whole house humidifier that can serve you for years to come without any sort of problems.

So, always go for a tool that’s strongly built, dependable and comes with replaceable parts which are easy to find.


The harsh reality is almost everything depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. If you can decide your budget then it will greatly narrow your search.

The price of the best whole house humidifiers is usually ranged between 396 and 716 dollars. You’ll get a decent humidifier spending about 500 dollars. Anything less than 396 dollars and above 716 dollars is exceptional cases.


If you’re new then you should deeply research on how it works and what you will need to get started.

Ratings rank high when it comes to purchasing decision and best whole house humidifiers aren’t an exception to this rule. You should know the rating of your chosen humidifier for your advantage. 


The brand name is an important aspect that you need to look carefully before buying the best whole house humidifier. This is because there are so many manufacturers on the market claim to produce the best whole house humidifier.

Each brand has its strong and weak points. One person might prefer a brand to another as no two people have the same exact needs.

So, based on different people’s preferences each brand has its own solutions and answer to these needs. Aprilaire, Emerson, Honeywell, Aircare are some top brands in the whole house humidifier market.


Just like ratings, reviews are also one of the best ways to decide which product to buy. On average 10 reviews are read by consumers before buying a product.

Reviews provide valuable guidance and help you gather a better idea about companies. So, try to check out the reviews to know whether it is the best whole house humidifier that you have chosen would be perfect for you or not.

Top Features to Consider For Best Whole House Humidifier

Along with the reviews and buyer’s guide, we’ve also included top features to consider. Here are the top features to consider when buying the best whole house humidifier.

Supply indicator

The supply indicator is a fundamental component of entire house humidifiers wherein the water should be normally refilled. The pointer will advise you when there isn’t sufficient water in the tank or when the cutoff has been reached.

Water tank indicator

Again, when the tank drains, search for a humidifier that discloses to you when to refill the reservoir.

Filter indicator

The filter is an essential activity when many humidifiers clean the air. On the off chance that the filter gets obstructed with toxins, they will wind up being spread once more into the air you inhale. So, it’s significant to know when the filter needs either changing or cleaning.

Coverage area

Try to figure out what the most coverage area is while doing your research, as this will decide whether it can support your room. Most medium-valued humidifiers can deal with rooms around 200 to 500 square feet.

However, a portion of the more costly models can without much of a stretch double or triple that figure.

Also, knowing the mist output will disclose to you how competent every unit is. This is because the higher the yield the quicker your spaces arrive at the right moistness.

If you do need a unit with high coverage area, maybe you should consider an entire house humidifier, as this will work for everybody and it implies never burning through money on another humidifier again.

Water Tank Size

This depends on the previous considerations about the coverage area as the size of the water tank will decide how frequently you need to fill it. Most humidifiers have a 2 to 3-day limit while working on the last setting. Some will just last only hours, however, which can be annoying particularly if you need to leave it running throughout the night. 

While we’re regarding the matter of water tanks, ensure that it is anything but difficult to evacuate and refill. Most humidifiers are famously chaotic with regard to filling and fitting the water store, with spills typical.


The most crucial factors are the warranty when you think of purchasing best whole house humidifier. It determines the product is worth the investment. It’s good to have a whole house humidifier that can serve you for years to come without any sort of problems. So, always go for a tool that’s strongly built, dependable and comes with replaceable parts which are easy to find.

Fan speed

Fan speed usually tells you how loud the unit will be. So, make sure it produces low decibels on both the highest and lowest settings. Some evaporate models have their fan and motor to get air into the humidifier.

Mounting options

You should also consider the humidifier that comes with instruction manuals. This will help to mount the humidifier without any difficulty.

Simplicity of Cleaning

If you want to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your home environment then keeping on top of the maintenance of your humidifier is very important. However, some humidifiers have peculiar shapes and difficult to arrive at places.

You just need to read the reviews and check ratings on Amazon to perceive what number of individuals complains that, as hard as they attempted, they couldn’t get their humidifier clean or the water tank was excessively tight at the passage for them to reach inside.

This is particularly valid for the table-top, tear molded humidifiers that are satisfying.

However, present cleaning troubles due to their structure. So, think about the shape, do your research, and read the reviews on Amazon to get an exact picture. Read our How to Clean Humidifier Guide to know more in details.


The humidistat will analyze the air in your home, and it will distinguish whether there is sufficient moistness. It’s a significant piece of the humidifier as it won’t permit the framework to be turned on if it isn’t essential for it to do as such.

On the off chance that the dampness dips under the level, you have set it to be the humidistat will advise the solenoid and the humidifying procedure will start.

Maximum output per day

Steam humidifiers tend to have maximum output per day. You can know the maximum output of your humidifier per day as manufacturers show the amount of moisture delivered by the humidifier in 24 hours. Suppose, you have a humidifier that covers 3,600 square feet, so the adequate output would be 12 gallons per day.

Outdoor sensor

The outdoor sensor has the duty of enlisting the temperature outside your home. Depending upon the evolving climate, once in a while the humidifier probably won’t be required. The sensor will tell if the climate is cold and therefore, the air is excessively dry.

Automatic/Manual Operation

With some humidifiers, you can pick whether you need it to work consequently or physically. The programmed activity is conceivable once you set the humidifier to your ideal degrees of humidity.

Automatic shut-off

When the ideal degree of humidity all through your home has been reached, the humidifier will turn off without anyone else saving you money for electricity.

Water valve

Before the humidifier quits working new water will ceaselessly top off the evaporator cushion to deliver new soaked air. The assurance valve will prevent the water from flooding the evaporation cushion.

Corrosion material

This isn’t a common element of whole house humidifier. But corrosion of it’s heating elements may hamper the humidifier. Regardless of this, it shouldn’t be undermined as the utilization of corrosion safe materials will drag out the life expectancy of your unit.

Various sizes, various preferences – Whole home humidifiers are sufficiently reduced to be handily installed even in the smaller spaces. Then again, the advantage of a major humidifier is that it very well may be utilized as a table and it will mix with the surrounding furniture.

How to install whole house humidifier

Installing a whole house humidifier isn’t a difficult task if you follow the instructions carefully. Here are 5 steps for setting up a whole house humidifier.

  • Step 1: At first start with marking and cutting the hole. To map out a hole in which the humidifier will be installed using a template and marker. Instruction and templates will be given by the manufacturers.
  • Step 2: You’ve to know the location of humidistat, after cutting down the hole it’s necessary to secure the thermostat with the supplied tin screws.
  • Step 3: Now you can set up electrical for humidifier by following the instruction in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Step 4: Using the appropriate size of the nut is important to connect the humidistat to the solenoid valve. Then connect the nuts and wire ends and until they become tight turn the nuts. If your humidifier is close to any electrical wiring, it may need any special installation.
  • Step 5: Lastly, install a saddle valve if local codes allow tapping water line directly. Set up a T-fitting if saddle calves aren’t allowed. Ensure a stable power supply for your humidifier to work properly.

How does a whole house humidifier work?

Whole house humidifiers are designed to create a comfortable energy-efficient environment within your home. Proper humidity adds moisture to the air that reduces dry skin, preserves wood furnishings, reduces static electricity and makes you more comfortable at a lower temperature which increases power savings as well.

Whole home humidifier actually improve the air conditioner system of your sweet home.

Whole house humidifiers mount directly to your furnace’s ductwork. When the unit’s humidistat senses a need for humidity, warm air from your home’s furnace goes through the pad. A water valve opens and moistens the humidifier pad. Then humidified air flows throughout your system’s ductwork into your home.

Are whole house humidifiers worth it?

If you wake up in the morning with a sore throat, notice cracking in your wood furniture, floors or drywall, then best whole house humidifier might be an exceptional addition to your whole home comfort.

During winter, you’ll find these issues become awful. This is because the process of heating the air removes moisture. Due to this reason you can set up the best whole house humidifier on your heating system to add moisture to the warm air and produce it via the duct system to your whole home. It’ll make you and your family more comfortable.

People actually don’t want to setups the best whole house humidifier unless they’re facing some sort of difficulties. It’s really annoying to having dry skin and the whole house humidifier will help your skin from getting too dry and static electricity. Also, a whole house humidifier can save you a lot of money. So, get a whole house humidifier to be more comfortable at lower temperatures.

How to clean the whole house humidifier?

At first, unplug the humidifier from electrical outlet to shut down the power supply.

Secondly, What you’ve to do is pop off the cover by locating the top and bottom tabs on the humidifier. Then push down firmly and pull out. Inside you’ll see there’s a dial. This dial turns off the airflow to the furnace.

Once you’ve switched it off, you’ll be able to detach the parts of your humidifier and consequently, get access to the inside for cleaning. Then, fill the water reservoir with a 2/3 amount of solution made of water and chlorine bleach. Finally, swirl it around so that it’s able to clean the corners of the reservoir and built-up scale.

To clean the outer parts of your humidifier, you should use a cloth dipped in warm water or diluted vinegar.

What is the best whole house humidifier?

We’ve reviewed 10 whole house humidifiers in this article. All of them are good. However, the AIRCARE EP9 800 Whole House Pedestal Style Evaporative Humidifiers is the best whole house humidifier among them.

This humidifier can work its magic without any interruption from you. To use it, all you have to do is set your desired humidity level and enjoy. You won’t even have to move a muscle in maintaining, as it includes a digital humidistat that controls your intended humidity level perfectly.

You can also see the current humidity level, your desired humidity level, and the fan speed, clearly, thanks to its digital display.

Q) Where to place the whole house humidifier?

Ans: It’s always perfect to find a middle area in the home, it doesn’t matter the square footage. This is because there are so many whole house humidifiers, for example, the Credenza that covers up to 3,600 square feet. This type of humidifier won’t be able to reach its maximum potential if located in a corner of the house.

Q) Do I need a whole house humidifier?

Ans: As we’ve said earlier you don’t need to setup a whole house humidifier unless you’re facing some sort of difficulties. It’s really annoying to having dry skin and the whole house humidifier will help your skin from getting too dry. Also, a whole house humidifier can save you a lot of money.

Q) Does the whole house humidifier produce white dust?

Ans: Yes, a whole house humidifier can produce white dust. However, the good news is there are many types of whole house humidifiers. So, among various types, there’re only two humidifiers ultrasonic and impeller portable humidifiers that are capable of producing white dust.

Q) What size whole house humidifier do I need?

Ans: It depends on the size of the area in the home you desire to humidify, and the tightness of the home. These are the two major elements when selecting the best size whole house humidifier for your home.

Q) How do I know if I need a whole house humidifier?

Ans: If you wake up in the morning with a sore throat, notice cracking in your wood furniture, floors or drywall, then a whole house humidifier is a must-have for you to get rid of these annoying problems.

Q) Can I install a whole house humidifier on the return side of the furnace?

Ans: Whole house humidifiers are generally installed on the hot air duct. However, as long as hot water is being used instead of cold waters then some vendors will allow you to install them on the return duct.

Q) How to choose the right whole house humidifier?

Ans: If you want to choose the right one then start with checking your home’s square footage. Then look at installation needs and the space you’ve available. Try to select a model that has a built-in humidistat and learn how to operate. Also, compare the evaporative technology and consumer review of each model.

Q) Why is a whole house humidifier put into the return duct?

Ans: You can install a whole house humidifier either on the supply or return end. This is because the air from your ducts enters the humidifier is exposed to the water inside. The moisture level of the air that increases due to the water evaporates into the air exit the humidifier on the other side. So, you’ll have higher moisture levels in your home.

Q) Where should a whole house humidifier be installed?

Ans: Although they’re relatively easy to install, you should connect to the main stack of a forced-air furnace where the humidifier draws its water from a close hot water or cold water pipe.

Q) Where to drain whole house humidifier sump pump?

Ans: To drain whole house humidifier sump pump you need cement block, channel-lock pliers, and a short garden hose. You should drain in basements and crawlspaces where mold and mildew tend to appear.

Q) How to tell if the whole house humidifier is working?

Ans: If you feel a comfortable moisture level during the cold months in your home, then a humidifier is working properly. Make sure your humidistat is turned up to the highest setting and your water line to your humidifier is turned on.

Our Verdict

Whole house humidifiers are really necessary to buy during the winter season. They can keep us healthy from white dust, allergens, respiratory diseases, cold, etc. They also prevent the lubrication of our throat which can cause irritable cough and our nose from bleeding.

A humidifier keeps the house warm by spreading humidified air throughout the entire house. As a result, we’re able to stay comfortable during the day and enjoy our peaceful sleep during the night. All of these aforementioned 10 best whole house humidifiers have the same great capacity and features to keep us protected from illnesses, diseases, and preserve our valuable energy.

However, in our opinion, the AIRCARE EP9 800 Whole House Pedestal Style Evaporative Humidifiers considered as the best whole house humidifier. It can run itself without any intervention, features a digital display that can keep us informed about the time to refill, fan speed, humidity level, etc. Moreover, it’s very easy to maintain and can work as decor.