Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Review to Pick the Best Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven for your Backyard

Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Review to Pick the Best Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven for your Backyard

A great pizza may take 60-seconds to cook, but it will take even lesser time to be finished. However, only the Uuni 3 pizza oven review can show you which oven to pick to make such tasty pizza.

Let’s not wait and get into the business.

Source: Amazon.com, Last update on 2024-03-26

What Comes Inside The Box

Unboxing anything is a great deal of fun. And when you are a pizza enthusiast unboxing a portable pizza oven is like a celebration.

You will love the compact packing of the Uuni 3 pizza oven inside the box. All the components are securely packed inside proper protection. When you open the box, the Uuni 3 oven box will contain the following items.

●       Instruction Manual

●       Metal Pizza Peel

●       Pizza Stone

●       Metal Firebox

●       Chimney

●       Oven

Why does this product have the name listed in 2 different ways: Uuni & Ooni?

Onni and Uuni are just different names of the same great pizza oven manufacturer. The company was formed in 2012 to make some of the best wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens for the British people. Eventually, they become a global brand, and now you can find them in almost any corner of the world.

After the launch in 2012, people loved the ovens; however, having some problems spelling the name Uuni. People were facing autocorrect issues while trying to write on any search engine. The word was autocorrected to “uni,” and they were taken to local university websites.

So, the company changed the spelling to “Ooni” in 2018. Everything, including the high-quality and ease of use, remains the same. All the products manufactured after 2018 were named Ooni, whereas the older versions still got the name Uuni.

Now, both Ooni and Uuni are there in the market. You don’t need to worry about the names. They are the same; only the first two letters have been changed. Both brands still cook pizza at its best.


Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Review:

Read this in depth Uuni 3 pizza oven review to know every required information you need to know before buying.


●       World’s first portable wood-fired pizza oven

●       Made with rustproof stainless steel

●       Insulated outer body

●       29.5-lbs standard weight

●       14-inches X 25¼-inches X 8½-inches in diameter without the chimney

●       A baking stone can bake pizza up to the 13-inches diameter 

●       Can reach 932-degree Fahrenheit in only 10-minutes

●       Can cook pizza in 60-seconds

●       FSC certified wooden handle

●       1-year warranty. You can get a 3-year warranty upon registering the product



One of the most common things you will find in every Uuni 3 wood-fired outdoor pizza oven review is its compact size. The dimension is similar to a stack of four 16-inches pizza boxes.

Yes, the size is convenient to carry. Nobody has to take any extra strain or space to carry and put the oven anywhere. You can easily place it on any fireproof surface to make the most authentic pizza.


Can you carry three-gallon milk? Definitely yes. Then carrying this portable burner will be like a breeze for you. The total weight of this oven is around 30-lbs with the pizza stone and chimney.

This lightweight build of the oven makes it one of the most popular portable pizza ovens globally. Additionally, you can carry it to almost anywhere during camping, outing, or regular cookouts.

However, the lightweight can make the oven a bit unstable when you are cooking small style pizza. 


You can only use wood pellets with the Uuni 3 oven. These wooden pieces are dense with calorific values that can generate enormous heat in a quick time.

Uuni or Ooni Pro can work with pellets, charcoal, or even Propane Gas. However, the Uuni 3 is limited in fuel use. You cannot use any gas burner with the Uuni 3 oven. 


When we review Uuni or Ooni 3 pizza oven or any oven, one of the most critical concerns is the temperature. Authentic Italian pizza needs to be cooked in more than 920-degree Fahrenheit temperature. So any oven that can reach that point quickly should be the best.

The Uuni 3 oven uses wood pellets that have a denser energy content than regular woods. So you will get a high temperature in a short time. Uuni 3 ovens reach temperature of 923-degree Fahrenheit in only 10-minutes.

As the oven has no temperature control, so you may find it challenging to maintain the heat. Topping up the burner will be an option to keep the heat high. However, if the gap between taking out the old and putting in new pizza is too long, you may find a burned-out pizza stone.


Every Uuni or Ooni 3 wood fired pizza oven reviews appreciate the simple and sleek design of the oven. The shiny outer surface makes a long-lasting impression on the host and the guest. Rustproof steel extends the longevity of the oven surface.

The wood pellet burner is located on the back, whereas the chimney is on the front of the oven. It ensures a smooth flow of heat over the toppings and pizza dough. No wonder every Uuni oven makes the best homemade pizza than any other wood fire ovens.

Cordierite baking stone is one of the best features of the pizza oven. This slab can absorb and store at high temperature and cook any pizza within 60-seconds. Moreover, you will get a crisp and slightly burnt finish at the bottom of the crust.

You will find it very convenient to use the oven almost on any fire proof surface. All the credit goes to the three-pin stand that holds the oven with optimum balance. The extensive surface area these three stand covers ensures smooth operation of inserting and taking out up to 13-inches pizza.

Ease of Use

Every Uuni or Ooni 3 outdoor pizza oven review will tell you one thing unanimously: it is one of the simplest firewood ovens in the market. So, you will find it really easy to use and clean the oven.

You can separate the oven into smaller pieces to both carry and clean. If the journey is cross country, it is better to disassemble the oven. And doing this is so easy. In the same way, you can easily clean the chimney and oven with a soap water-soaked cloth.

The oven’s wider opening makes it easy to insert uncooked pizza and take out the ready and flavored ones. The oven’s flat dome shape keeps the heat flow without causing any harm to your hand while handling the pizza.

Putting pellets inside the burner is safe and easy. You just have to slide it out and insert new pellets in it.  If you want to place a starter cube at the bottom for easy ignition, the burner has the ability.


The Ooni 3 comes with a reasonable price tag. As one of the most simple design ovens, it has a reasonable price to afford. If you are stepping into pizza-making, this could be an ideal choice.

If you want a cheaper price, wait for the holiday season. There will surely be some sales on the price tag.

Free Accessories

As a simple oven, Ooni 3 comes with a reasonable amount of freebies with it. You will get a pizza peel, cordierite stone baking board, and a complete instruction manual to operate the oven. How great is that?


The wood pellet oven for pizza comes with a 1-year warranty. But if you register the product with the Ooni website, you can extend the warranty to 3-years. Why are you waiting? Get it now.

What is Good about Uuni 3 Oven for Pizza?

1.  Versatility

Pizza will be the primary item in a Uuni or Ooni 3 oven. But other foods like bread, casserole, or lasagna can also be made in it.  This versatility made the Uuni 3 one of the most popular pizza ovens that uses wood pellets.

2.  Price

This oven won’t hurt your wallet like any other high-end ovens. It is a perfect blend of simplicity and perfection that comes at an affordable price.

3.  Free Accessories

You will love the metal peel, and pizza stone made with cordierite. These items come free with the oven and help you cook the most authentic Neapolitan style pizza in your backyard.

4.  Great Taste of Pizza

If you ask me the best thing I like about this oven, my answer will be the great taste it puts on pizza. The heat transmission system inside the oven and the high-heat retention by the pizza stone properly cook the dough and toppings. It ensures the delicate taste of the most authentic pizza. 

5.  Easy to Use

A simplistic design makes the use of this oven super convenient. Making pizza, carrying the oven, or cleaning the individual component is easy because of the design and short cook time. Rust free outer layer keeps the oven free from any unwanted stains and lessens the maintenance job.

What We Do Not Like About Uuni 3 Oven?

1. Too Hot Too Quickly

Reaching 923-degree Fahrenhite may seem excellent for a pizza oven; however, it can have a negative effect. If the oven interior gets too hot too quickly, there is a good chance that the pizza can get dry or overcooked in a short cook time.

It is better to use a laser thermometer to monitor the oven temperature constantly. When you are dealing with the peak temperature, a few second gaps can make a big difference.

2. Soot

If you are using the oven for a long time, there may be soot all over the oven. Yes, it can be annoying to find soot on toppings or bread. But if you can keep the use limited and do not overfill the burner, there should not be an issue.

3. Uneven Cooking

As the burner is at the rear, the oven’s back end is much hotter than the front. In the same way, sides cook much faster than the center. As a result, you may find a softcore but burnt sides of a pizza.


Who is the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven for?

The simplistic design and ease of use make the Uuni 3 wood pellet a perfect choice for the newbies. If you are venturing across the Field of pizza making, no other oven can help you like a Uuni pizza oven.

Dealing with the too high temperature, uneven cooking areas, and controlling the soot will make you an expert pizzata in a quick time. And when you become an expert with wood pellet cooking, the sky will be your limit to experiment with any oven types.

How to Use an Ooni Pizza Oven?

No other wood-fired oven is as simple as the Uuni 3. Making a pizza in this oven is like children play if you can follow a few basics.

It would help if you had a suitable spot to keep the oven. Select a flat space, away from any combustible substances, and have enough space for airflow. This will prevent any accident in the future.

Put the pellets inside the burner and lit them up. If you need a starter cube, it is completely ok. You can use either a blow torch or conventional light stick to start the fire.

It’s time to put the pizza together. Put the toppings on the dough and make it ready for the oven. Make sure the prep time is not too long. Otherwise, the oven will be too hot, and you may end up with a burnt pizza.

Use the metal pizza peel to insert the pizza and take it out when done. If the oven is properly lit and on the peak temperature, it shouldn’t take more than 60-seconds to cook a pizza.

Now you know all the steps for great pizza making with the Uuni pizza oven. Just repeat them over and over.

How to Clean an Ooni Pizza Oven?

Interior Cleans Itself

At 923-degree Fahrenheit, no germs or anything can survive. So you do not need to disinfectant the interior. However, after a few pizzata you need to wipe the interior clean. Only water will be the best option to drench the cloth.

Wipe the Exterior

The 430 stainless steel exterior may be rustproof, but dirt and grease can easily build upon it. Use a damp cloth to wipe the outer shell of the oven for a shiny finish. You can use steel cleaners to do the job.


If you were searching for the most simple but super-efficient pizza oven, this Uuni 3 pizza oven review has already shown you the solution. If you can find such great features and ease-of-use form a single oven at such an affordable price, why need to wait.

Go and get one of these high standard ovens for the next Pizzata at your home. If you find this Uuni 3 pizza oven review informative then don’t forget to share with your friends.