The world is not at its best condition right now. The air index is proof when it comes to showing us how damaged our ecosystem really is. And that really takes a toll on us too.

At times like this, a great number of incredible people are taking initiatives that will allow the planet to heal. But it is also crucial that we, ourselves invest into things that will make our lives better as well.

The drastic advancement in technology is something to be grateful for in the times of adversity. You can now find amazing air purifiers that work to clear out the air, hence allowing you and your loved ones to breathe appropriately. There are different types of air purifiers available in the market. You will find an air purifier for the small area and large areas. Here you will find the best whole house air purifier reviews available in the market.

In this Levoit Air Purifiers Reviews, we are going to check out some of the best Levoit air purifiers currently on the market now.

Let us not drag this on any longer and get started right away!

LEVOIT Air Purifiers Reviews

1. CORE 300 LEVOIT Air Purifiers Reviews


Complete with the new Vortexair Tech, this high quality LEVOIT air purifier uses the CORE 300 filter to get rid of tiny dust particles, harmful allergens, bacteria and viruses from your home.

Equipped with a CADR number of 230+m3/H, this air purifier can easily cover at least 215 square feet inside your house. The large amount of surface area being covered means there is less chance for harmful fine particles to stick around in the vicinity once the machine is operating.

This silent machine emits only 24DB of noises, thanks to the QuietKEAP technology infused in the air purifier.

You can simply turn off the display light at night if you want to sleep with the machine on.


We really like the fact that this LEVOIT Air Purifier is a no non-sense, heavy duty yet sleek looking machine. In a way, the machine is really versatile as it comes with a range of very worthy features.

This air purifier works to clean out the air at least 5 times per hour, so that you and your loved ones continue breathing in the finest quality of air. The low noise emission and high surface area coverage are also impressive. We noticed that you can also detect when the filter is required to be changed by just taking a look at the alteration of color in it. We think the slowly shifting color is a really convenient feature.

What customers are saying

Most customers have claimed that this air purifier has managed to change their lives for the better. While most buyers have fallen in love with this amazing air purifier, some are still skeptical about it as the product is quite expensive. However, majority of the buyers will definitely vouch for the product instead of against it, that’s for sure.  

  • Light weight product

  • Low noise emission

  • Longer operation period

  • Shiny silver design makes the product look very sophisticated

  • Large surface area coverage

  • Filters through ultra-fine particles.

  • This LEVOIT air purifier is not too budget friendly.

2. LV-PUR131 LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


This large built LEVOIT air purifier is known to be completely ozone free, in result keeping its customers free from dealing with harsh UV-C rays and light.

The machine makes use of a HEPA H13 filter which works to eliminate approximately 99.97 percent of harmful fine particles such as dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc from your home. It also sucks away smoke created by cigarettes, hence allowing asthmatic patients to breathe in clean and light weight air.

Covering at least 360 square feet, you will find this air purifier to come with 3 different fan speeds which automatically get turned on depending on the quality of air in your house.

This air purifier emits only 52db of noise emission, so you can expect zero humming during the day and night while this machine keeps operating. You can also keep the LED display turned off at night, so that you can sleep peacefully in the dark.


We think this is an overall high quality product as it comes with some really impressive features such as the timer, the auto-mode, the ozone-free emissions, etc. The ozone free technology is a good feature every LEVOIT air purifier comes with and we are really appreciative of that.

On top of that, the HEPA H13 filter is known to work really well in capturing and getting rid of harmful micro particles from the air. You should definitely go for this air purifier if you or someone you know is suffering from asthma.

What customers are saying

We have noticed most customers being really happy with this product, as the features of it do great justice to the price tag it comes with. Sure, the LEVOIT air purifier is not exactly inexpensive, but customers are really grateful for the fact that this machine will clean out their air properly in the long run.

  • High quality H13 HEPA filter

  • Timer system is very convenient

  • Ozone-free emissions


  • Quiet operation.

  • Not too budget friendly

  • The size of the product is quite large.

3. Smart WIFI Air Purifier LV-PUR131S LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


This LEVOIT air purifier model is slightly similar to the previous one we just reviewed, however this one comes with Wi-Fi connectivity!

You can easily control this air purifier by simply maneuvering your way through the app (called “VeSync”) this machine is compatible with. Use the application to control how long you want the air purifier to run for, set timers, turn the machine off, change its various modes, etc.

If you are willing to take the futuristic experience a step further, invest into Alexa (the Google Assistant) and control the LEVOIT air purifier only with your voice! This model of the LEVOIT air purifier works to clean out the air at least 4-5 times per hour. It also works efficiently by covering a large surface area of 360 square feet.

The LEVOIT Wi-Fi air purifier also makes use of technological algorithms in order to automatically calculate the filters lifespan. Therefore you will always have an exact estimation regarding when your air purifier needs maintenance.


Overall this is a really high quality air purifier, and we absolutely love the fact that LEVOIT took this model a step further and included Wi-Fi connectivity to its program. It just changes up the entire product and makes it extremely versatile.

The smart filter algorithm is also a nice touch to this air purifier. It gives the product a really modern outlook.

What customers are saying

While some customers stated that they were over the moon with this air purifier due to its versatility, other customers thought otherwise and claimed the product was in fact not quiet at all.

However the negative reviewers did still mention that the air purifier does a pretty good job in eliminating all that dust and fine particles from the air.

  • This model comes with Wi-Fi connectivity

  • High quality built

  • Modern design

  • Smart filter algorithm

  • More or less budget friendly.

  • Not as quiet as the manufacturer claims the product to be

  • The product is bulky and takes up a lot of space.

4. LV-H133 LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


With two different colors to choose from, the LEVOIT LV-H133 air purifier is the perfect product for people with pets and young kids.

This air purifier can easily cover a huge surface area of 881 ft² and clean out its impure air within 30 minutes. However, the air purifier will only require 18 minutes to clean out the air if the room does not have such a large surface area as the one we mentioned before.

There is an auto-mode on this LEVOIT Air Purifier which works to indicate the quality of the air in real time. The auto-mode also allows the machine to detect fine particles in the air and then automatically adjust its various fan speeds according to the cleaning requirements.

You will be glad to know that this machine only emits sounds as low as 25db. You will not even notice the air purifier operating unless you take a look at it first. The LED display can be turned off, while the timer allows you to manually adjust the operation time of the air purifier.


LEVOIT never fails to amaze us, and this model of air purifier is no exclusion to that. The super wide surface area coverage is an incredible feature for an air purifier to have. You can expect this machine to easily clear out a huge amount impure air from your environment, without moving it from one place to another at all.

We appreciate the auto-mode feature which allows users to relax while the product works perfectly fine on its own.

What customers are saying

The customer reviews were quite positive as a majority of buyers were happy because this LEVOIT air purifier requires no assembly at all. A lot of customers were grateful for the fact that this model is actually as quiet as the manufacturer claims it to be.

  • High quality air sensors detect fine particles

  • Very large surface area coverage

  • Budget friendly product.

  • The motor apparently “screeches” at times, but that could also be due to a defected product and not necessarily for every package.

5. LV-H132 LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


Similar to the previous model, this LEVOIT air purifier can also be found in two different colors to choose from.

This model comes equipped with 3 different filtration stages, all three which work extremely efficiently in trapping harmful fine particles floating around in the air. The three different stages are: Pre-filter mode, True HEPA filter mode and High Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter mode.

All three mode’s work to capture small particles found in the air, such as smoke particles, allergens, dust particles, etc.

The air purifier uses only 25DB of sound while operating so you will not be able to hear any annoying noises while the machine runs continuously. The machine cleans out the air at least 4 times per hour in order to give its users only the best environment to breathe in. You can also choose from two different lighting systems for this air purifier.

You will be glad to know that this air purifier comes with a built in indicator which will alert you whenever the filter requires to be changed.


The small to medium size ranges of this LEVOIT air purifier model is one we think will be perfect for undersized rooms or offices. Schools can also make use of this air purifier as this model is extremely inexpensive.

The minimal noise emission is great while the 3 stage filtration technology really takes this air purifier up by another notch.

What customers are saying

We have noticed most customers appreciating the dual light settings that this air purifier is equipped with. We are guessing most people like to be able to have some independence when it comes to the lighting then!

Alongside that, the compact size of such a heavy duty air purifier also caught a lot of positive attention from customers who reside in small houses. The size really is convenient for small rooms and offices.

  • Compact

  • Light weight built

  • This model is very budget friendly

  • Triple filtration stages.

  • A few customers did receive defected products so make sure to contact the manufacturer right away.

6. VISTA 200 LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


We love how this LEVOIT air purifier model comes with a golden glow instead of the traditional blue glow when the machine is operating. It gives the product a whole new outlook.

Alongside the external built of this model, the air purifier also comes with a “brushless” motor which actually works to save up a lot of energy when the machine runs. The innovative motor only consumes a minimal amount of 0.9 watts while running!

This model also comes with the high quality 3 stage filtration system which works to purify the air in three different steps. The VISTA 200 goes a step further by also eliminating odors from the air.

There is a convenient sleep mode on this air purifier which you can make use of if you want the machine to run at its lowest fan speed. The sound emitted barely reaches 26DB.

Along with that, you will find this machine to come with three different fan speed levels, as well as a timer system that will allow you to manually control the operation time of the air purifier.


The triple fan speeds and filtration stages surely add a touch of versatility to this LEVOIT air purifier. The VISTA 200 makes use of activated carbon in order to cut down cooking and mold odors from the air.

We found the minimal wattage consumption to be rather convenient as you get to save up a lot of money that way.

What customers are saying

The compact size of this air purifier made the product a hit for customers living in small houses. The machine does not take up too much space in the house, while also being really portable.

However, a few customers claimed that the product they received seemed to be defected when it came to setting the timer on.

  • Super budget friendly product

  • High quality three filtration stage technology

  • Brushless motor saves up a lot of energy from being wasted

  • Compact and portable.

  • A few people claimed that the timer did not work at all.

7. LV-600S LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


The LV-600S is the latest humidifier addition from LEVOIT with APP and VOICE CONTROL system for user comfort. This model of the LEVOIT air purifier is recognized as most advance humidifier in this budget range. Including free VeSync app, schedule option and smart Voice Control. 6 litter large tank can run for up to 50 hours with low mist output. No need to flip anything because of it’s top-fill refills and cleaning design.

This air purifier model comes with a smart laser sensor tech which can easily detect the finest micro particles in the air, within 30 seconds. After detecting the particles, the machine quickly adjusts its fan speed and gets right to work.

The LED display can be turned off while the sleep mode emits only 25DB of sound. You can set a timer if you do not want the machine to run continuously throughout the day.


We really like the smart auto-mode this air purifier comes with as it allows the machine to work on its own without requiring any human intervention.

On top of that, the super large surface area coverage is not only highly impressive but also convenient as you can expect a huge amount of air to be cleaned out within a few minutes. The product is also quite silent when operating.  

What customers are saying

Similar to our opinion regarding this air purifier, a lot of customers are also appreciative of the fact that this machine works to purify such a large surface area while emitting such low decibels. It is both peaceful and convenient for customers.

However, the price tag is not too budget friendly, while the product itself is quite large in size.

  • Super cool design

  • The smart laser sensor is really impressive

  • Large surface area coverage.

  • The product is rather expensive

  • This LEVOIT air purifier is not too compact.

8. CORE P350 LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


Similar to our very first product, this CORE P350 LEVOIT air purifier model also comes equipped with the Vortexair tech.

This technology works efficiently in increasing the overall air circulation of the air purifier so that it can cover a large surface area at once. The QuietKEAP system of this machine makes sure you can go about your day without having to deal with annoying motor noises.

If you want to keep this air purifier running at night as well, simply turn off the LED light display and put the machine on sleep mode so that it does not suddenly increase the fan speed. The noisiest this machine can be is up to 24DB only.

Like every LEVOIT air purifier, this model also makes sure to emit zero ozone, so that you and your loved ones inhale only the freshest, cleanest and healthiest air ever possible.

The high precision bearings of the motor makes sure the product has an enhanced longevity, so that it lasts you for at least a few years instead of just a few months.


We find the patented VortexAir Tech to be a really convenient feature in this CORE P350 air purifier. On top of that, the high precision bearings on the motor also goes a long way in ensuring the air purifier stays in great condition for a number of years at a stretch.

There is also a pet lock option on this model which we think is a great addition for pet owners.

What customers are saying

We are seeing most pet parents going for this high quality air purifier as it comes with the convenient additional feature “pet lock”. A large number of customers really love this feature, while the other reason they are investing into this model is because of how it makes sure to emit zero amounts of ozone.

  • High quality built

  • Convenient pet lock option

  • VortexAir Tech promotes better air circulation

  • Silent operation

  • Non-woven filter system clears out air more easily.

  • This model is not too budget friendly.

9. LV-H135 LEVOIT Air Purifier Reviews


For our final product of the day, we are going to review this heavy duty LEVOIT air purifier model.

This incredible product comes equipped with the authentic HEPA H13 filter which works to completely trap all of the harmful fine particles from the air. The triple filtration system works co-independently in trapping and eliminating micro particles from the air.

This model is perfect for large houses as it can easily clear out rooms as big as 795 ft² in less than 35 minutes only. On top of that, the machine only takes about 18 minutes to purify the air in rooms smaller than the previously mentioned size.

There is a convenient auto-mode feature in this air purifier. The auto-mode tech works independently in order to detect and get rid of harmful particles floating around in the air. The machine adjusts its fan speeds according to the particle detection.

This air purifier makes around only 26DB of noise while it operates, so you and your loved ones can easily sleep in peace at night. Set on the timer if you do not want the machine to run continuously at a stretch. You can also turn off the LED light display for a pitch black area to sleep in.


We really love the large surface area coverage of this high quality LEVOIT air purifier. The convenient auto-mode is also a great feature to have in an air purifier as it allows users to just chill and relax while the machine does its work.

What customers are saying

As this model is ideal for large homes, most of the positive reviews are from customers with spacious houses. Customers are grateful for the efficient auto-mode as it really makes the entire purifying process a piece of cake. However, customers with small houses are not too enthusiastic about the size of the product as it takes up too much space.

  • Extremely effective filtration system

  • Quiet operation

  • Large surface area coverage.

  • Not too budget friendly

  • The product is large and takes up too much space.

Buying Guide of LEVOIT Air Purifiers Reviews

It is quite natural for a lot of people to not have any idea about air purifiers. Maybe it could be because of zero prior experience with these convenient inventions, or maybe you just did not need it before.

Everyone knows how drastically the air quality changed over the years. The air quality index shows us just how damaged our world is at the moment.

Every breath of air that you take right now could be toxic. Even though a lot of incredible people are currently trying to reverse the damage that we, ourselves caused to the ecosystem, it could actually be years until the full affect is seen on Earth.

Till then, it is no surprise that we will have to rely on technological inventions to solely just breathe in fresh and clean air on a daily basis.

This is why air purifiers are all the rage these days. These simple machines are the reason most people are being able to breathe in clean air every day. So if you have not invested into one yet, we highly suggest you to do it already.

Of course, you might not have a clue on what factors to even take into account before investing into an air purifier. But that is nothing to worry about. Take a seat and continue reading this Buying Guide in order to learn more about the specific factors you need to consider before investing into an air purifier.

Air purifier type

You should always try to invest into a mechanical air purifier. Mechanical air purifiers are the ones which we just reviewed today. This kind of air purifier makes use of a fan inside, which works to collect and trap fine particles floating around in the air.

Filter type

The most popular kind of filter a mechanical air purifier uses is known as the HEPA filter. This filter is famous for being able to trap approximately 99.97 percent of harmful particles from the air. The filter also collects large dust and pollen particles efficiently.

Sound emission

No one wants to deal with loud motor noises at any time of the day. So we are sure you will not want to be stuck with a growling air purifier constantly either. Before you invest into your desired product, check out the amount of sound decibels it emits while operating. Also make sure to check if the product comes with a sleep mode or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions a lot of customers have before investing into their choice of air purifier.

Can air purifiers explode on me?

Air purifiers are not known to be dangerous products because they are usually not used in a rough way. However, like all electronic products, an air purifier can explode if it is being mishandled in any way. Other than that, they are completely safe.

Do the LEVOIT air purifiers really work?

Absolutely! The LEVOIT products are one of the most sought after air purifiers in the market, due to their ability to trap in a huge amount of harmful micro particles while covering a large surface area at once.

Where can I place my air purifier?

The best area to place an air purifier in is around the corner of the room, with no other furniture obstructing the flow of air into the air purifier itself.


It is very important for us to seek other ways to stay healthy and breathe in fresh air when we cannot do it the natural way by going outside. At times like this, an air purifier can easily be called your best friend.

Air purifiers are completely safe to use, while being moderately priced in most cases. Some are indeed quite expensive, however they come with a wide range of features so it is sort of worth all the money being spent. We hope you enjoyed reading our LEVOIT Air Purifiers Reviews as we tried to include only the best products currently on the market. Be smart and invest into an air purifier, so that you can keep yourself and your near and dear ones safe from harmful particles casually floating around in the air. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this article till the very end!