Aircare ep9 800 review – Digital Humidifier with best specifications!

Aircare ep9 800 review: Sometimes all you want to do is relax within the confines of your home in an environment which offers good vibes and excellent health. You want to ensure that the temperature is just about right with a good amount of humidity. The absence of moisture may cause static electricity, skin irritations, sore throat, and even be a threat to the well-being of Asthma patients. It has also been scientifically proven that humidifiers help prevent allergies and flu. 

Humidity is of utmost importance if you want to be a part of a healthy environment as it offers just the right about relaxation and good health. Therefore, humidifiers become an essential part to maintain good health in dry season. The best way to achieve this is to get an aircare humidifier for your home

Humidifiers are a great addition to your home as it offers stable humidity levels. You will come across many humidifiers in the market, but it is imperative to choose the right one for your living room and workspace. This Aircare ep9 800 review will ease you into why it is not only one of the best humidifiers in the market but also impressive health to both you and your family

The Aircare ep9 800 covers up to 2400 sq ft of living space and happens to be a whole house pedestal-style digital humidifier. It is sturdy and sits beautifully in your house no matter where you place it. This whole house humidifier also comes with power-packed features like digital display and notifications, nine-speed settings, and auto shut off. It weighs 27 pounds and have 3.5 gallons of water capacity.

The Humidifier also comes at a great deal, given the wonderful features it offers. Let’s look at the product basic features and specification in detail to make a better call. Please read carefully this Aircare ep9 800 review to know every required information before buying.

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Aircare ep9 800 review: Features

Fantastic Design 

Aircare ep9 800 review - design

The assembled product weight of the Aircare ep9 800 stands sturdy at 27 pounds and happens to be pedestal designed. It is a medium-sized unit which you can set without any hassle.  The height, weight and amazing looks of this unit makes it a perfect sized device for your home.

This ultrasonic humidifier features stylish surface inserts that is compatible with every kind of decor.The incredible look is worth to your money. It is designed with an adjustable humidistat which will help you to set the runtime of your device according to your liking.

The refilling is exceptionally convenient, thanks to the front fill door on which you can fill at an appropriate level using a pitcher. The front fill door makes it easy to refill. By the water refill indicators you will get to know when it needs refilling. This aircare humidifier efficiently humidifies and effectively optimizes areas as large as 2400 square feet.

This evaporative humidifier is perfect for your workspace and home as it helps maintain the longevity of your musical instruments, furniture, wooden floors, and collectibles. This aircare humidifier is designed particularly to humidify your entire house. It also helps to maintain around 30-50 percent humidity and helps in hydrating your skin

The maximum run time of this smaller unit is around 45 hours with 5.4 gallons of water.

Digital Accuracy

The digital controls on this product make it easy to accurately set the optimal humidity levels according to your needs. The digital display helps you to control and adjust both the fan speed and the humidity.

The digital humidistat makes it more convenient and adjustable as it helps you to maintain your desired humidity levels according to the relative humidity of your home. It offers digital accuracy and gives you the freedom to use it and keep your home according to your liking. 

The adjustable humidistat helps you to set the runtime of your device through the digital meter.This creates natural humidity through evaporation.

Nine Speed Options

This humidifier offers adjustable and numerous speed options that can help you maintain your desired humidity level as per your liking. You can use the power button to bring the variable speed under control.

You can set the pace according to your preference by long pressing the power button. The F9 is the highest, and the F1 is the lowest power button. The  digital control panel displays the speed values so you can set this aircare humidifier on higher or lower speeds according to your preferred level of humidity.  F9 happens to be the initial setting.

Digitized Notifications


It is essential to clean the wick religiously and keep it properly in an evaporative humidifier to keep the air in your desired environment fresh and odor-free. The evaporative technology of this unit don’t support adding more moisture into the air. 

The Check Filter function (CF) is an extremely convenient option that notifies you to check the filter whenever needed. It is better to change the wick in case there is a formation of crusty deposits or decolorization. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the air quality of your home. 

The digital readout display also shows F if the water levels are low during which the system will automatically swap to auto dry mode.

Auto Shut off

As mentioned, the unit automatically switches to auto dry mode whenever it is low on water as it uses natural humidity through evaporative system. At this time, the group keeps operating at its lowest until it dries off completely. The fan entirely shuts off once the water reservoir is dried up, thus ensuring that the unit is safe from mildew and mold.

Easy Maintenance

Aircare ep9 800_easy maintannace

This aircare humidifier is easy to maintain and can work efficiently for long hours. It needs regular cleaning to eradicate bad odor, fungi, and bacteria. You may need to change the air filter regularly. It needs fewer refills, so there is nothing worry about it.

The digital notifications make it easier to and more convenient for timely cleansing and replacement of the wicks. It needs extensive cleansing, the negligence of which may cause some severe troubles. You also don’t need any demineralization cartridge because you will not find any white dust.

Aircare ep9 800 – Specifications

  • Weight – 27 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 18 * 18 * 27.25 inches
  • Manufacturer – Essick Air
  • Item model number – EP9 800
  • Components included – Owner’s Manual, One Funnel, Four Casters, One Float, and One 1043 Super Wick
  • Warranty – 2 years 
  • Ratings on Amazon – 4.5 out of 5 stars (2169 ratings)
  • Green Labels – unset
  • Digital notifications
  • Nine-speed options
  • Runtime: Around 24 hours
  • Auto Shut off
  • Auto dry mode
  • Bestsellers rank – #183 in humidifiers
  • Easy maintenance.

  • Digital notifications.

  • Super sturdy.

  • Has a warranty of two years.

  • Auto shut off mode.

  • It can function for long hours.

  • It can be used for large house up to 2400sq ft.

  • Easy refilling options.

  • Digital humidistat helps in optimizing the humidity levels automatically through it’s humidity sensor.

  • Nine-speed options to choose from.

  • No remote control.

  • Quite loud at higher and medium speeds.

Why opt for the Aircare ep9 800 Evaporative Humidifier?

The whole house units perform  exceptionally well with its digital control panel, making it easier and more convenient to operate. This pedestal humidifier is able to cover a large square footage of your house or office. It also offers excellent value for money as it is quite affordable. 

Aircare ep9 800 also provides you an efficient humidification along with it’s amazing looks. It is an ideal safe choice and happens to be highly sturdy and durable. This unit is perfect for large rooms.Consumers feedback about this unit is quite positive.

Ep9 800 humidifier also comes with various options that make your life easier. It also comes with different speed settings and digital notifications that help you to maintain the desired humidity level with the utmost ease. The wick is also easy to change from time to time. 

This unit not only needs minimal effort for its maintenance but with a little supervision, it will prove to be a great addition to your home for a long time. If you need a humidifier for a large room, you may consider buying it. In a nutshell, the Aircare ep9 800 Evaporative Humidifier is everything you need to maintain a healthy and safe environment. The pros outweigh the cons, which is precisely why you should opt for this humidifier. If you think this Aircare ep9 800 review is informative and may help to get buyer decision then you can share Aircare ep9 800 review with your friend.