What Is An Ultrasonic Humidifier & Why Should You Buy

With modern technology by our side, there is already that expectation that it will be making more advanced devices in the coming years. Let’s take, for example, the humidifiers. If you are living in a country that experiences the winter season, we are sure that you use one during that season.

From its humble beginnings, we have seen how advanced technology has gradually added significant upgrades to this device. It is like every year or the next year; we can expect the upgraded version, or let’s say a high-tech one available in the market.

Among the thousands of versions and make of humidifiers, we have the ultrasonic humidifier. So, what is an ultrasonic humidifier?

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What Is An Ultrasonic Humidifier? Know in details

Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the types of humidifiers that has a metallic diaphragm. This metal plate vibrates at a high frequency to break water droplets. When this happens, it can easily get added to the cool indoor air.

Another reason for this functionality is to remove dirt from surfaces effectively. Although this device has this type of metal, when it vibrates, it doesn’t create that noise. This makes this device suitable for part of homes where loud noise is not permitted and best used during night time.

Still, with its functionality, this device generally doesn’t need or use a filter. So, it already saves you costs from replacements. Aside from quieter operations, many people are choosing this type because it doesn’t have hot water in it. This means the user is safe from scalding risk since the device doesn’t need to heat water to do its obligation.

How to Install Ultrasonic Humidifier?

The ultrasonic humidifier installation process is simple. First, you have to fill up the tank with water. Second, place it in a room where you want. Third, keep it three feet away from walls to prevent moisture damage. Forth, plug it in an electric outlet. Finally it’s ready to provide you the required humidity.

Ultrasonic Humidifier Design

When it comes to a device’s appearance, it usually comes in teardrop or box-shape where the mists come out from the top of it. Some of them come with a refillable tank or with a port where you can insert the water bottle.

For the minimalist, there are mini versions of this device that you can place on top of a glass. The glass can be filled with water and will already act as its moisture source. Another function that it has includes, bells and whistles, also has LED display pads, USB-powered, built-in clock, LED night lights that change colors, etc.

Source: Amazon.com

Ultrasonic Humidifier Size

When it comes to sizes, ultrasonic humidifier comes in a variety of size – aside from the mini version; you can get a compact, freestanding tower-floor device, and even the tabletop version.  Similar to others, you need to pay attention to the size of the room where you will be placing the device.

The device should be able to accommodate the space to perform its duty – which is to give you quality indoor air.

Lifespan of Ultrasonic Humidifier

Does this device have a longer lifespan? Well, similar to other devices, if this well-taken care of, it could last from two to over five years in service. Who knows, if you can even lengthen that lifespan? We are not sure, but what we know is when deposits build up inside the device, it might mean game over.

We should practice the proper way of using and cleaning this device to prevent this and other problems.

Why You Should Buy Ultrasonic Humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier isn’t just your ordinary humidifier – there is more to know about it. If you are amazed at the features and functionality described above, will it be enough for you to get one for yourself? Well, purchasing a device like this requires careful consideration of the things and advantages that you will get from it.

Is it a good choice? We will know through the following:

1. It is a small and portable device

No need to do some rearrangement of furniture or anything – you just need to find the place where humidity is much need. While your bathroom and kitchen have an adequate supply of humidity in the air, there are still some rooms that remain dry, and that’s the real problem here.

Solve the dryness problem that one of the members of the family is suffering. Give him the best solution – and that is getting an ultrasonic humidifier.

2. It is working; it just didn’t make a sound

Ultrasonic humidifier offers its user’s costa and energy efficiency, affordability, and quiet operation. This device produces cool small droplets compared to heated steam produced by other types. This device is great to use during the cooler season, but there is also a version of it that is perfect for the warmer season.

3. It helps maintain moisture in the air at a comfortable level

Well, it would be sad if the device you bought malfunctions. Good thing that this product functions well, reducing the chapped lips, itchy skin, sore throat, and other problems brought by dryness in the room. Also, this device can help reduce congestion, sinus irritation, flu, and even allergy symptoms.

4. It protects the wood

Another great thing for this device is that it protects all the woods, such the trim work, furniture, and even musical instruments made of wood.

Taking into consideration the things listed above, will you consider purchasing an ultrasonic device for your place?

Ultrasonic Humidifier Buying Tips

If you already decided to buy one, that’s great! However, we want to tell you in advance that finding the best can be a bit challenging as there are a lot of brands offering their version of an ultrasonic humidifier. They may have similar features, but they are never the same when it comes to finding the best quality. To guide you during shopping, you want to take note of these buying tips. Look for the following feature when purchasing for the one:


You might think that it is about the purchase price of this device. Well, choose the one that has a reasonable price – but that is not the focus of this buying tip. We are referring to how it will cost you in your electricity bill when you are already using it. Also, the cost of purchasing precious water in case the one that you got doesn’t want to tap water. We might also want to consider the frequency and the cos that we might incur from cartridges’ and filters’ replacement.

Ease in Cleaning

You don’t want a device that will not cooperate when it comes to cleaning. When it is about cleaning the device, you may want to check on the tank, cartridges and filters, and even the hard-to-reach part. If these can be easily accessed, removed, or replaced, then clean up wouldn’t be stressful.


While the “no filter” versions will enable you to save, those that need replacements are still worth buying? Why? If you are concern with removing the impurities in the air, then the “with filter” version is for you. Although it would mean additional steps to the cleaning process, you rest assured that the indoor air that you are breathing is well-filtered.

Moisture Control

Some units have humidity controls in the high and low setting. Through this setting, you can control the output of the mist. You can also adjust its direction to where it is much needed. Some versions have timers – depending on your humidity needs, better choose wisely.

Operation noise

It is highly expected for products like this to emit noise when it is on and functioning. But if ever you got a humidifier that has a noise level of under 50 decibels, don’t let it go because that is already a reasonable noise.

Automatic Shut-off

this is the best functionality to look for when you are planning on placing the device inside your bedroom. At least, you would no longer bother getting out of bed just to turn it off. Or, it might also be great for those versions that use heat to function. To avoid overheating problems, aside from this function, you might want to look for a safety shut-off button just to be sure.

Output and Capacity

If you wanted a unit that will be able to run for a more extended hour, especially at night, you may want to choose the one that have high water capacity. By having that capacity, you will no longer need to wake up during the night just to do a refill for this device.

Heated and Cool Mist

While most versions of this device put out cool mist, some release warm mist. Choosing from these two highly depends on the season. If you are in the colder season, then the heated mist is the best, but it also means more energy consumption.

Special device features

some humidifiers are designed for children created in vibrant colors or with a famous cartoon character. Others are for aromatherapy use, where you can put oils or even medicines. Also, some can control it through button-operation, automatic, or even through having a remote control.


It might be just another humidifier but not an ultrasonic humidifier. It may come in various sizes, colors, and needs, but there is one that will be outstanding from many.You may get tempted with the super cheap ones, but remember if you are looking forward to quality indoor air, then you must go for the one with a reasonable price and features.