Difference Between Humidifier and Vaporizer | Which one you should buy?

Difference Between Humidifier and Vaporizer? Humidity is essential for each one of us. It is dependent on the animals and perspiration for us humans, to regulate our internal body temperature.  The importance of humidity is to control the rate or temperature needed. The high and low quality of humidity can cause different problems.

The low humidity is likely to spread germs and viruses, which also includes when someone coughs, sneezes, and more. This is because having a lower humidity is the perfect environment for the germs to contaminate a specific room or surroundings. Having low humidity can also easily increase many skin diseases because of its dry condition. The airborne germs or such can easily enter the tissues of a person with a low immune system.

However, having high humidity can also cause a problem. Too high humidity can make people have difficulty in breathing. It also affects physical activity that leads to being more difficult or unproductive to work. The risk of the extreme leads to fungal growth, increase pest populations, and increase dust mite populations. The said causes are prone as a contributor to allergies.

To be able to avoid these problems, a machine could be a great help to you. They made the machine to produce an optimum range of humidity that is good for human health. Well, there are two types of devices available in the market. The so-called Humidifier and the vaporizer, both of the machines are great in adding moisture to the air. It also helps ease the cold and cough congestion in the area. These two are inexpensive, which are available in stores and online. But these vaporizers and humidifiers are two different things.

Difference Difference Between Humidifier and Vaporizer

Difference Between Humidifier and Vaporizer

The Humidifier works as by creating the mist from cold water. While the vaporizer produces heat water to make or create a stream. Humidifiers and vaporizers are two different things. To help you understand each, here follow its characteristics.

How they differ in adding moisture into the air?

Through the Humidifier, it uses ultrasonic vibration to scatter a cool mist into the air. It has a disk that submerged into the machine, which turned rapidly. As it continuously moved, it little by little breaks up the water to a tiny particle and turned to be inhalable.

While in the vaporizer, it uses electricity to heat the element. It boils the water and creates steam as a result. But before the moisture leaves the machine, it was cooled down and flowed to the air and the body.

How to keep clean them?

Well, the same as the other things we have, the Humidifier and vaporizer do also need some care. One way is to clean them from time to time that you are using it. Through cleaning, it will be away from the bacteria that might buildup when not cleaned.

For the cleaning of the Humidifier, one thing that you may also tend to consider is the water that you are going to use. It is because the purified and distilled water are treated ones that contain fewer contaminants, unlike tap water.

  • For the daily cleaning, it requires that the tank should be emptied and dry in its all surface. Then, refill it with freshwater.
  • You can also clean it every third day. You will only need to open the tank then wash the tank with soap and water to remove the debris and scales.
  • If you decide to store it for good, you should follow the storing direction from the manual guide of the product.For cleaning the vaporizer, the issue of the mold or mineral buildup is less as an issue.
  • For the daily cleaning, it requires that the tank should be emptied and dry in its all surface. Then, refill it with freshwater.
  • You can also clean it every once a week. You will only need to empty the tank and fill it with 3 ½ inches of vinegar. Let it stay for 10 minutes and clean the residue of the machine with a mild detergent.
  • If you decide to store it for good, make sure to dry all the parts before you keep it in a cool, dry place.Well, all the Humidifier has different specific instructions from its manufacturers. So you must read the user manual.


Well, humidifier and vaporizer price ranges from $20 up to $50 depending on the brand, size, as well as features. Some are at a higher charge with more excellent quality, and some that have a lower charge with natural features. It will depend on the needs and preference of which of the two types, Humidifier and vaporizer, do you like.

How can it help from allergies?

The humidity can cause an indoor allergy, when in a high or low. The Humidifier and vaporizer are extraordinary as to make the humidity in the area at a normal temperature. The dust mites can be eradicated with the help of the Humidifier as it produces moisture that can contribute to allergies.  Having a too high humidity level can develop molds. Through the help of the Humidifier, it will lessen the temperature in the house.

For the vaporizer, it does not contain any contaminate and produce a possible disease. So, if you are dealings with indoor allergies, a vaporizer will be a right choice.

How safe are they to use?

For the Humidifier, the only concern is the possibilities of molds, mineral deposits, and others that can cause contaminants that can emit into the air. The possibility of inhaling it may irritate the airways and breathing issues. To lessen this issue, a use of distilled and purified water can help alleviate this issue.

While for the vaporizer, it does not emit any harmful minerals or something that it can contaminate the air. It is because it boils the water before it is scattered or distributed into the air. The main safety concern with this is the possibility of spilling water and burns. So, if you have children or pets in the house, it will be best if you choose the cool or the Humidifier.


Overall, both the Humidifier and vaporizer are great to have or use in the house.  Both of the machines contribute to add moisture into the air, which is right to maintain the expected level of humidity. The two also help to ease the respiratory symptoms without undergoing medication. The only difference between the two is the way on how they provide service, which the Humidifier serves a cold air. While, on the other hand, the vaporizer helps boiled water that is cooled down when it stimulates into the air.

The ultimate decision which you will choose should be the one that suits your health issues. If you have allergy issues,like an airborne disease, the vaporizer machine suits for you, another thing that you should look into is the budget. Either of the two has an affordable price.

Also, the most important thing is the safety of the family. Both of the machines are safe as long as it is away from the children. It is because it can cause harm to them since the devices also require electricity to power it up. The importance of having a humidifier or vaporizer is to eradicate or prevent any possible problem. These mostly avoid and or monitor the humidity level in the surroundings. This is also to prevent any diseases from spreading and or build up. Use proper machine care, such as maintaining its cleanliness, is a must. Clean and safe air are tremendous and are what we deserved.